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  • Moodle 2.0:

    New TUM Learning Platform is Usable

    Graphik moodle 2.0
    Intuitive operation and easy-to-follow assembly: From now on, the new central learning platform Moodle is available. It replaces the CLIX learning system and supports students and teachers with an increased range for their learning and teaching activities.
  • TUM Career Week:

    5 Days of "Time for Career"

    Schriftzug "Erfolg" und Holzleiter
    National and international job applications, doctorate work at TUM, the route to self-employment – numerous career tracks are open; the question is how to find the right one. The TUM Career Week can help.
  • Highest Priority for TUM:

    New Cafeteria Building in Garching

    Speisenangebot Mensa
    Centrally located, greater capacity: The construction of a new cafeteria on the Garching Campus is a top priority for TUM. It will be built between the existing cafeteria and the TUM Catalysis Center. The scheme amounts to just about €34 million.
  • Double Graduate Cohort 2011:

    TUM is well prepared

    Gebäude Interimshörsaal TUM
    TUM is well equipped to deal with the growing number of students from the imminent "double graduate cohort." Student-oriented operations will continue at their usual high level, and there will be no significant impairment to study conditions.