Free Software for Academic and Educational Purposes

Computermaus mit Schreibblock
Maniac stellt Studierenden der TUM lizenzpflichtige Softwarepakete verschiedener Hersteller zum Download bereit. (Foto: Fiorina Schulz)

Accessible by all online: Through MANIAC TUM students and staff members can obtain Microsoft software for academic and educational purposes. Registration is done via the central TUM e-mail identifier, and the offer is free.

Available programs include different versions of Microsoft operating systems (Client, Server), development tools like Visual Studio and Visio, and server applications (e.g., Exchange, SQL Server). MS Office is not available due to licensing conditions. The software is generally offered in German and English. Important products, such as current operating systems, are also available in other languages.

Transmission capacity of 200 to 300 GB per day

MANIAC was first developed and implemented in 2002 by the staff at the Department for Software and Systems Engineering (Prof. Manfred Broy) in the context of the MSDN-AA License. In January 2010, operations were passed to the Informatics Computer Operations Group (RBG). Currently, 5,500 individuals use MANIAC to access Microsoft software; this amounts to a transmission capacity of 200 to 300 GB per day.