Moodle 2.0:

New TUM Learning Platform is Usable

Graphik moodle 2.0
Neue Lernplattform der TUM: moodle 2.0

Intuitive operation and easy-to-follow assembly: From now on, the new central learning platform Moodle is available. It replaces the CLIX learning system and supports students and teachers with an increased range for their learning and teaching activities.

Moodle provides many practical functions such as the easy provision of course materials; homework uploads; or the integration of videos, chat rooms, forums and e-tests directly into scheduled courses. Also included are new platforms Tex and LaTex support, an MS Word import filter, and a special formula editor.

With an interface to TUMonline, there is now a direct connection to course administration management. Fully automated course data can be transmitted, and appropriate learning areas for e-learning activities can be established.

The previously used CLIX learning platform is available now as an archive until the Winter Semester 2011/12. Contact: ITSZ – Media Center, E-mail: medienzentrum(at)