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IT Security:

What to consider when using mail retrieval services

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IT-Sicherheit: Möchten Sie Ihre E-Mails in einem anderen Postfach sammeln, richten Sie bitte eine Weiterleitung der E-Mails in TUMonline ein. (Foto: photocase)

E-mail providers such as Gmail or GMX offer the possibility to retrieve mails from other providers’ inboxes, allowing you to handle mails from different providers in a single account. Here are a few things to consider:

In order to use a mail retrieval service, you need to leave your password with the corresponding e-mail provider. If you want to use some webmail account to pick up mails from your TUM-inbox and share your login data, this leads to two problems:

  • The e-mail provider will know your login data. Considering PRISM and TEMPORA, foreign government agencies will probably be able to access this data, making personal information in your TUM e-mails accessible.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to consider the following:

If you want to collect your TUM-mails in another inbox, please use the mail-forwarding in TUMonline. This will lead to the same result, without you having to disclose your account information.

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