• Wiyar Sharif, a “Deutschlandstipendiat”:

    Afghanistan is always at the back of my mind

    "Deutschland ist meine zweite Heimat." TUM-Student Wiyar Sharif stammt aus Afghanistan und erhält das Deutschlandstipendium. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    When Wiyar Sharif was four years old, his parents fled from Afghanistan to Germany with him and his four siblings. Then, the TUM-student’s family had to build up a whole new life and get settled. Today, the 24-year-old is a student of Civil Engineering at TUM and will be supported by a “Deutschlandstipendium”-scholarship from this semester onwards. In an interview with TUMstudinews reporter Sabrina Czechofsky, Wiyar talks about his experiences and about his future plans.
  • Winter Universiade in Granada:

    Gold for Freestyle-skier Fabian Braitsch

    Sieg in Spanien: TUM-Student Fabian Braitsch holte sich bei der Winter-Universiade Gold im Slopestyle (hier mit Stefanie Mössler). (Foto: Tanja Swietli, Unisport Austria)
    Gold in Granada: If this makes you think of holidays and sunsets, you’re wrong in this case. A few days ago, the world’s University Games, the Winter Universiade, took place near the Andalusian city. TUM student Fabian Braitsch won the gold medal in Slopestyle-skiing. TUMstudinews reporter Verena Pongratz asked him a few questions about his exciting sport.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit at Manage&More:

    Peter Pult is developing a fitness towel

    Motivation Selbständigkeit: TUM-Student Peter Pult ist einer der jungen Gründer bei Manage&More. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    Learning and partying – many might think that’s what student life is all about. But Peter Pult, 24, does not fit the cliché: Until recently, the TUM-student operated the agency “Stapp-In” with a group of friends. Now, he focuses on the next start-up project in the course of Manage&More. While other students visit their lectures every day, Peter Pult is already involved in running his own business – that’s his entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Against the TUM’s usage guidelines:

    Microsoft’s Outlook-App for iPhone/iPad/Android

    Das IT Service Zentrum der TUM warnt: Vorsicht bei der Benutzung der Outlook App für iPhone/iPad/Android. (Foto: photocase)
    Microsoft’s Outlook-App for iPhone/iPad/Android is available in the App Store since the end of January. It might be optically appealing and easy to use – but it is highly questionable regarding data protection. The entire e-mail traffic is redirected through servers operated by Microsoft or Amazon in the US and sometimes stored there temporarily.
  • Language development:

    Intercultural day-care center at Campus Garching

    Blick Richtung Zukunft: Das Ingeborg-Ortner-Kinderhaus der TUM nimmt am Sprachförderungsprogramm „Frühe Chancen“ teil. (Foto: Andreas Heddergott)
    Language acquisition is seen as the key to integration into social life and, subsequently, into work life. In order to provide children with this competence as early as possible, the Ingeborg Ortner Kinderhaus at TUM Campus Garching takes part in the language development program “Frühe Chancen” (“Early Opportunities”) – and there are still places available in the day-care center!