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  • The StudiTUM-house in Garching:

    "It's actually a big experiment"

    Ist sehr gespannt, wie das neue StudiTUM-Haus in Garching angenommen wird: Paul Maroldt, der den Bau mitkonzipiert hat. (Foto: Uli Benz)
    Paul Maroldt is curious: The new StudiTUM-house in Garching is about to be opened. It has four floors and around 1,200 square meters of floor space. There are spaces for learning (in small and large groups) and places to meet up and to rest. The former student representative in the TUM University Council has been involved in the project since the foundation stone was laid.
  • Artificial Intelligence and TUM JazzBand:

    The double bass

    Adrian Bauer von der TUM JazzBand mit dem Roboter "Rollin' Justin". Den Kontrabass spielen kann nur Bauer. (Foto: DLR CC-BY 3.0)
    Humanoid robots and string instruments – how does that go together? Really well, according to Adrian Bauer (28). He completed his Master's degree in Robotics at TUM last year, and he plays douoble bass in the TUM JazzBand. On January 26, 2019, the band will be giving a big concert in the Audimax.
  • BeLA scholarship holder Eva Meisenzahl:

    The country doctor

    Eva Meisenzahl will Landärztin werden. Die TUM-Studentin ist Stipendiatin im BeLA-Programm. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    She isn't a doctor yet, but she wants to become a country practitioner. Eva Meisenzahl (22) is a student of Medicine at TUM, and she is taking part in the project "Beste Landpartie Allgemeinmedizin" (BeLA). The aim of the program is to ensure that more doctors will practice in rural areas again – as there is a shortage at the moment. Why does Eva want to leave the city behind?
  • Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award:

    How do wine glasses sound?

    Die Akustik von Weingläsern: Eine der neuen Apps auf der Website des Lehrstuhls für Akustik mobiler Systeme der TUM. (Foto: Lennart Moheit)
    Acoustical phenomena can easily be simulated and illustrated using the interactive apps of the TUM Chair of Vibroacoustics of Vehicles and Machines, which were incorporated into a new e-learning platform. Initiator Lennart Moheit has just won the first prize in the Ernst Otto Fischer Teaching Award.
  • Not to be missed:

    Top research with neutrons, IceCube Neutrinos, and the Master's Day

    Licht-und-Klang-Installation von Tim Otto Roth, am 9. und 10. Februar 2019 in der Reaktorhalle an der Luisenstraße 37a in München. (Foto: imchination projects, Tim Otto Roth 2018)
    On January 29, 2019, Prof. Winfried Petry will be holding a lecture at the Vorhoelzer Forum (Main Campus, starting at 6:30 pm), focusing on the topic of 60 years of cutting-edge research with neutrons in Garching, and on the interdependencies of science and politics ("60 Jahre Spitzenforschung mit Neutronen in Garching. Wie Wissenschaft und Politik sich bedingen").