• tu film: 60 years

    Ben-Hur meets the Pink Panther

    Von der Rolle? Im Gegenteil: Benedikt Plank freut sich auf die Jubiläumswoche. Der tu film feiert 60. Geburtstag. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    tu film turns 60. Let’s celebrate! Once a week, since 1955, a group of students turns one of the TUM's lecture halls into a cinema, showing blockbusters, art house films and classic movies. In celebration of the anniversary week in early May, there will even be one film every day. Benedikt Plank, Head of the film club, talks about the plans.
  • Bobsleigher Johannes Lochner:

    Master after the Olympic Games of 2018

    Bachelorarbeit über Photovoltaik: Johannes Lochner gehört zur deutschen Bobfahrer-Elite und studiert Elektrotechnik an der TU München. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    An absolute newcomer wins a silver medal in Winterberg! At this year's Bobsleigh World Championship, a 24-year-old student TUM came in second in the two-man run. Johannes Lochner has just handed in his Bachelor's thesis and then travelled the US. TUMstudinews-reporter Verena talked to the athlete about his surprising success.
  • Green School Zambia:

    "You have to be good at improvising"

    Gespannte Blicke durch's Fenster: TUM-Studenten entwickeln in Sambia ein neues Schulgebäude mit, das einmal im ganzen Land gebaut werden könnte. (Foto: Klaus Mindrup)
    Zambia needs 10,000 classrooms – and TUM-students are involved in the planning: They are working on a new concept for school buildings. A prototype was already built in Lusaka, the capital city. Klaus Mindrup of the Chair of Timber Structures and Building Construction just visited the site together with two students. For TUMstudinews, they answer questions about their time in Zambia and tell us why they first had to look for their tools there.
  • Collecting donations for the "Studentenhilfe":

    May 19 is "Currywurst-Day"

    Isst schon mal Probe: Marlies Köpke von zusammen.sammeln organisiert  am 19. Mai 2015 mit Team eine Spendensammel-Aktion in den Münchner Mensen. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    Eat Currywurst for charity: On May 19, 2015, the iconic meal will cost 20 cents more than usual in the canteens and the StuCafés. The money will go to the "Studentenhilfe München e.V." – a charity organisation that helps students in need. The event is organized by the team of zusammen.sammeln at the TUM's Junge Akademie. Marlies Köpke explains what the event is all about.
  • Optimal use of energy:

    Learning can be learned

    Gemeinsam lernt es sich leichter: Nutzen Sie die Angebote von ProLehre der TUM. (Foto: Andreas Heddergott)
    If you want to be relaxed and well prepared for your exams, try to make more of your lectures or increase your motivation for learning and studying: The university teaching team "ProLehre Lernkompetenzförderung" will support you.
  • Isarweg Freising:

    Finding inner peace

    Lädt zum Verweilen ein: Eine Bank am „Meditativen Isarweg“ in den Freisinger Flußauen. (Foto: Jonas Bellingrodt)
    A full schedule, appointments and little time to rest – for many, that's what the semester is like. In Freising, there is now a new possibility to get away from it all for a while: the "Meditative Isarweg" along the riverbanks. Between the Korbiniansbrücke and Savoyer Au, there are nine stations that invite you to take a break. The concept was developed by TUM students.