Knowing where the knowledge is:

The University Library’s courses for students

Digital oder Print: Bücher sind im Studium essentiell. (Foto: Adam Radosavljevic/
Digital oder Print: Bücher sind im Studium essentiell. (Foto: Adam Radosavljevic/

During the summer semester, the University Library will be offering many courses focusing on literature research and other topics. Let us show you how to find relevant literature for your studies or your thesis – quickly and effectively.

In addition, you can learn how to cite correctly, to avoid plagiarism, and to keep track of your literature by using a reference management program.

If it suits you better, you can also attend the courses from home or from just about anywhere else, as all the courses are offered as classroom courses in the University Library or as webinars.

Information Literacy 1 – Search and find e-books and e-journals

  • How to easily use e-books and e-journals with eAccess
  • Basic knowledge regarding literature research
  • Find subject-specific books and journals in our online catalogue
  • Online research with Google and Google Scholar
  • Make effective use of the services of the University Library

Information Literacy 2 – Research strategies for seminar papers and theses

  • Develop search strategies for literature databases
  • Literature research – find articles in literature databases
  • Obtain literature
  • Correct citation instead of plagiarism
  • Basics of citation
  • other topics of your choice (citation of DIN standards, images or photos, for example)

Reference management with Citavi & EndNote

  • Basic and advanced courses for the two literature management programs

All courses – with content descriptions, dates, and information on how to register – can be found at University Library’s courses