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  • Creative teaching:

    Prof. Klaus Diepold is "on board"

    Prof. Klaus Diepold mit Studierenden
    Acquiring specialist knowledge and learning skills for professional life: teamwork, communication and presentation skills – all this is part of Prof. Klaus Diepold's teaching concept, for which the professor of data processing has just recently received an award. Having been granted a teacher’s sabbatical leave, he is now working on new ideas. His opinion on what makes teaching successful? Verena Meinecke asked him for TUMstudinews about his views.
  • TUMstudis:

    Baker's yeast is synthetically converted

    Portrait Jara Obermann, Martin Schappert und Maria Trumpfheller
    "We brew a beer whose color, taste and ingredients can be varied during the brewing process". The TUM's iGEM team has ambitious plans. At this year's biotech competition at the Boston MIT, the students want to pursue new paths in beer brewing. They are trying to modify baker's yeast in such a way that it can produce valuable substances naturally – on its own. Provided everything goes according to plan, the beer will comply with the Bavarian purity standard (Reinheitsgebot). 
  • The TUM ideas contest

    Academicus 2012

    The ideas contest "Academicus 2012" is an opportunity to actively improve tuition and studying conditions at the TUM. All students, staff, researchers, professors and alumni can join in. We look forward to receiving your ideas and suggestions by August 15. 
  • TUMSpotlight: The »English Writing Center«

    The »English Writing Center«

    Beratungssituation im "English Writing Center"
    Writing something in English? I need help! The TUM's English Writing Center provides assistance with any kind of text. Doctoral, Master's or Bachelor’s theses, publications in English or applications for a course of studies or an internship abroad – everyone can bring along his or her own particular text.