• Re-enrollment is due on August 15:

    Contribution reduced to 111 Euros

    Studierende im Universitätsgebäude
    In Bavaria, there are no tuition fees any more. The new contribution for winter semester 2013/2014 is 111 Euros – including 52 Euros for the student union and 59 Euros as a solidarity contribution for the basic semester ticket. This sum will be forwarded to the public transport providers.
  • Mobility in Munich:

    How do I obtain my semester ticket?

    Portrait Stefan Bschorer
    On October 1, 2013, the semester ticket will be introduced in Munich. Every student pays a solidarity contribution of 59 Euros and will be able to use the entire public transport network – with a voluntary charge even 24/7. But how to obtain the ticket? Stefan Bschorer of the student council (Fachschaftenrat) explains how easy it is (interview Verena Meinecke).
  • Blocking of the U6/B11:

    To Garching by bike

    Radlerin an der Isar
    Due to construction work, subway line U6 is closed for several months between Studentenstadt and Kieferngarten. Also, the main-road passage through Garching on the B11 is closed. A possible alternative to the rail replacement services is to go by bike. TUM student Verena Pongratz took to the saddle to check out two possible routes for us.
  • Rosi and Seppi go into the water:

    TUM students build concrete canoes

    Andrea Henninger
    Canoes made of concrete – how is that supposed to work? 11 aspiring building engineers at TUM have built two. They will be set afloat on June 22, 2013, at the Concrete-Canoe Regatta on the Dutzendteich in Nuremberg. How come a boat made from concrete can float? Verena Meinecke spoke to Andrea Henninger, who is part of the team.
  • From Africa to Weihenstephan:

    Siblings from Namibia at the WZW

    Annika Woortman
    You’ll think they are from Hamburg, but don’t be fooled: Annika and Dirk Woortman are Africans – but have an accent from the north of Germany. The siblings come from Namibia and are now studying at TUM Weihenstephan. At home, their family has a cattle farm. From the south of Africa to Freising? No problem: “We found a second home at TUM,” both of them agree.
  • Women of TUM:

    Women on the path to success

    Studentinnen im Hörsaal
    What personal goals do you want to achieve? Take over control – be energetic, assertive and make a suitable appearance. Female students and doctoral students can learn how to do so in our special training program PEP/IDP.