A filmlet about the 1st German Diversity-Day:

"Typisch TUM" (typical for TUM)

TUM is colourful. Just recently, TUM produced a filmlet showing the diversity of our students and staff: "Typisch TUM". It was made on occasion of the first German Diversity Day on June 11, 2013.

What is the general idea behind the Diversity Day? To try to judge all people by their personality – regardless of gender, nationality or any disability – because if you bring together people with different characteristics and experiences, you will benefit yourself.

"Talents in diversity" is the motto of the current concept for the future of the Technical University of Munich. It promotes talent – regardless of gender, nationality, religion or belief, disabilities, age or sexual identity – trying to induce fruitful debates and creative ideas that can only evolve from a diverse environment.

Therefore, TUM chose to partake in the first German Diversity Day which was initiated by the association "Charta der Vielfalt" (Diversity Charter). Students and employees from all over the university participated in making the movie "Typisch TUM".

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