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  • Paralympics 2016:

    Taking a bow to Rio

    Bei den Paralympics 2016 in Rio? TUM-Studentin Vanessa Bui hofft sich zu qualifizieren. (Foto: Astrid Eckert)
    The 2016 Paralympics in Rio are Vanessa Bui’s big dream. The TUM student and passionate archer is currently preparing intensively for the qualifications. She is a student of Computer Science at TUM and has been granted a “Deutschlandstipendium”-scholarship. In an interview for TUMstudinews, she talks about how she manages to balance her hobby and her studies.
  • Volunteer work at the clothing store:

    “Freedom means responsibility"

    Unentgeltliches Engagement: TUM-Studentin Vanessa Woods aus Jamaika arbeitet ehrenamtlich in der Kleiderkammer der diakonia München. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    Vanessa Woods, who is from Jamaica, is a Master’s student of “Nutrition and Biomedicine” at TUM. So far, she has hardly found time to explore the sights of Munich, as she often works at the clothing store of the diakonia in Moosfeld. The 28-year-old helps out there on her free days and during the holidays. She sorts clothes for refugees and helps to hand them out.
  • Free of charge for students:

    Simulation software from ANSYS

    Für's Studium kostenlos: Die ANSYS Teaching-Lizenzen können kostenlos vom LRZ bezogen werden. (Foto: Uli Benz)
    Do you need the ANSYS simulation software for study activities? TUM students can obtain the ANSYS teaching license from the Leibniz Supercomputing Center (LRZ) free of charge for use with learning.The software and information about how to use it is available at ANSYS teaching licences.
  • Not to be missed:

    TUNIX, bus line and church services

    Fünf Tage Festival hinter der Glyptothek in München: Das TUNIX läuft 2016 von 27. Juni bis zum 1. Juli. (Foto: Fabian Hauner)
    This year, the concert stage and the beer garden will be set up in central Munich (between the Glyptothek and the TUM-premises) for the 36th time. The TUNIX festival – which will take place from June 27 to July 1 – is not only for students, but also for the people of Munich and for visitors.