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  • Still a "University of Excellence":

    Johannes Windmiller on the TUM's status

    Foto Johannes Windmiller
    The TUM is still a "University of Excellence". In June 2012, the TUM was once again elected as one of the winners of the Excellence Initiative (a competition started by the federal and stately governments to promote science and research at universities in Germany). What does this mean for the TUM? In what ways can the students benefit? TUMstudinews asked Johannes Windmiller about this. He represents the students in the TUM's Senate and Supervisory Board.
  • "Semi-stowaways"

    TUM students develop a satellite to be launched into space

    Der CubeSat First-MOVE
    It fits into one hand and weighs only one kilogram: Students of the Institute of Astronautics (LRT) in Garching have constructed a small satellite that is to be launched into space in autumn of this year. The name of the so-called CubeSat is First-MOVE. It will be launched by a Russian rocket in October. It has a solar cell experiment and a color camera on board. The final test runs are currently being carried out. TUMstudinews talked to Claas Olthoff who supervises the project.
  • Free and to be read anywhere:

    The UB has 40,000 e-books

    Geöffneter Rechner auf Bücherstapel
    The TUM's University Library has bought or licensed more than 40,000 scientific e-book titles. No matter if you are connected to the TUM network by the campus-wide net-access or logged in from outside the network by eAccess – all the e-literature is available for free and at any time. 
  • individual - personal - international

    TUM Mentoring

    Portrait Sabine Blaumeier
    How should you best prepare yourself for the time after graduation? And align personal plans with the requirements of the economy at the same time? Experienced TUM alumni can provide help – as mentors within the  "TUM alumni mentoring for students" program. They partake as good listeners, supporters and advisers. Get involved! Become a mentee.
  • TUMspotlight

    TUM at the Documenta: Korbinian apples in Kassel

    The Documenta 13 is showing a hidden treasure from the TUM's historical archives: The international exhibition of contemporary art in Kassel will present 402 apple drawings of the »apple pastor« Korbinian Aigner. The pastor and apple expert (1885-1966) painted the postcard-sized watercolors that show different types of apples.