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  • Sarah Barreto Ornellas from Yale University:

    Human movement control

    Zu Gast an der TUM: Sarah Barreto Ornellas studiert im vierten Semester Biomedical Engineering in Yale. (Foto: Uli Benz)
    The PREP program, organized by the TUM International Center, enables students from North American elite universities to participate in a research project at TUM and to get to know Munich and Germany during the summer holidays. Sarah Barreto Ornellas, a student at Yale, is one of this year’s participants in PREP. What did she experience at TUM and in Munich so far?
  • Canoeist Matthias Schmidt:

    For Marathon to Pietermaritzburg

    Letzte Vorbereitungen zu Hause: Kanute Matthias Schmidt kurz vor der Weltmeisterschaft an der Ruderregatta Oberschleißheim. (Foto: Maximilian Karlstetter)
    Four more weeks until South Africa: Matthias Schmidt will take part at the World Canoe Marathon Championships in early September 2017. He has been a member of the German national canoe team since May. The sport is very time-intensive. Nevertheless, the 21-year-old is studying Chemical Process Engineering at TUM and got involved with the IKOM – without any problems.
  • “AK Umwelt” in Straubing:

    Plastic containers for the campus

    Celine Sauer engagiert sich für den AK Umwelt in Straubing und spielt in der Hobby-Fußballmannschaft des Wissenschaftszentrums. (Foto: Friedrich Münch)
    The aim of the “AK Umwelt” in Straubing is to promote environmental awareness at the site TUM-Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and sustainability. For TUMstudinews, Celine Sauer, a member of the working group, talks about their point of view and what they want to change.
  • An internship at the Ganges in India:

    The most important lesson: Patience

    Sechs Monate Indien: TUM-Student Simon Lutz hat an einem Umweltprojekt am Ganges mitgearbeitet. (Foto: privat)
    While his fellow students delved into theory in the lecture hall in Munich, Simon Lutz – a student of Environmental Engineering – went to India; his greatest adventure so far. For six months, he worked as an intern in Delhi and took part in an environmental project. For TUMstudinews, he talks about his time there, and about the challenges of a large-scale project on the Indian subcontinent.
  • Step Inside:

    Students as mentors for school pupils who are interested in studying

    Step Inside-Mentorin Theresa Bader mit Modell: Im Sommersemester hat sie ein Ziegelgebäude für Wohnen und Arbeiten am Ostbahnhof entworfen. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    Theresa Bader wants to become an architect. Currently, she is in her fourth semester of the respective Bachelor’s course at TUM. When she had to decide about her future course of study, a mentor helped her while she was still at school. Now, she wants to show commitment as a mentor herself – in the scope of the Step Inside program.
  • The visiTUM program:

    Help future students make a decision

    Was soll ich studieren? Viele Fragen vor dem Start an der Uni. visitTUM kann dabei helfen. (Foto: Charlotte Szwarc)
    In your first semester, were you surprised about what it’s like at university? Unintended surprises occur – and they can lead to great disappointments or to a change of course of study. For this reason, TUM initiated the program “visiTUM – students explain their course of studies”.
  • The 6th edition of the fatum-magazine: Synthesis

    New editors wanted

    Die Gegensätze Feuer und Wasser: "Synthese" ist das Thema des neuen fatum-Magazins. (Foto: Jonny Lindner)
    Synthesis is a fundamental principle of our life. But in what contexts does synthesis lead to something that is meaningful and valuable? And, generally, is “no synthesis” possible at all – or is there something in the way of “anti-synthesis”? The current issue of fatum addresses these and other questions.