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  • 290 mph in Los Angeles:

    TUM Hyperloop team remains world champion

    Der Prototyp des WARR-Hyperloop-Teams in der Teströhre in Los Angeles. (Bild: WARR Hyperloop Team)
    The third capsule of the WARR Hyperloop team raced through the experimental tube at SpaceX in Los Angeles at an astonishing 290 miles per hour. The students of the TUM thus remain undefeated in the third Hyperloop Pod competition and hold the speed record for a Hyperloop prototype.
  • TUM student Ana Cirac in Lindau:

    “Nobel Prize winners are normal people”

    Beeindruckendes Treffen in Lindau: TUM-Studentin Ana Cirac mit dem deutschen Nobelpreisträger Harald zur Hausen. (Foto: privat)
    There are many people who would like to meet a true Nobel Prize winner – and every year, there is an opportunity to do so in Lindau, where selected young scientists from all over the world meet up with top researchers at a conference. TUM student Ana Cirac was there this year, and she was able to help one of the laureates.  
  • Doctoral student Andreas Barthelme:

    Crashing blackboard with consequences

    Doktorand der TUM mit 2,1 Mio YouTube-Klicks: Andreas Barthelme. (Foto: Maren Willkomm)
    Recently, Andreas Barthelme became a YouTube star – unintentionally. A video featuring the TUM-scientist was viewed more than 2.1 million times in quite a short time: a blackboard had collapsed during a lecture, closely missing him. In an interview for TUMstudinews, Barthelme talks about why this was a blessing in disguise.
  • Here’s to good collaboration:

    Useful tools while studying

    Sync+Share, Wiki, Gitlab, Meet - viele nützliche Tools helfen beim Studieren. (Foto: Astrid Eckert)
    Pursuing a university education means more than working alone in a cubicle somewhere. It often requires working together: sharing data for an assignment, writing a project report or discussing the current status of a project via video conference.
  • Go international:

    TUMi is looking for reinforcement

    Internationale Studis in München betreuen: Werden Sie Tutor bei TUMi! (Foto: Olga Dobrowolska/Chuck Friesbie)
    Are you planning to go abroad – and would you like to get to know some international students before? Did you already go abroad and would like to keep up international contacts? Are you generally interested in other cultures and languages? If so, you are right at TUMi (TUMinternational).
  • New in the TUMshop:

    For bathing days and summer rains

    Neu im TUMshop: Strandmuschel mit Logo der TUM. (Foto: 2018 KW9 Grafikagentur)
    Take TUM to the beach! Summer has brought new products to the TUMshop: the pop-up beach shell with the TUM’s logo offers shade, and the dark blue umbrella offers shelter from summer rain. The specs case with King Ludwig II is suitable for all seasons.
  • Open Day at TUM:

    Thinking outside the box

    Hightech beim Tag der offenen Tür an der TUM: Doktoranden am Walter Schottky Institut bei Beschichtungsversuchen. (Foto: Christoph Hohmann/Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM))
    This year, all of TUM’s 14 faculties will be taking part in the Open Day on Saturday, October 13, 2018. To celebrate the 150th anniversary, eight locations will open their doors.