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A module course of Philosophy

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Pursuing questions of life: TUM students can also visit the Munich School of Philosophy. (Photo: Munich School of Philosophy)
As of the winter semester 2019/20, TUM students will also be able to attend courses at the Munich School of Philosophy, to gather academic achievements or to acquire the additional "Philosophicum" certificate.

How do we want to shape the man-machine-relationship? What does a fair economic system look like? Where are the ethical limits of medicine? …anyone who is enrolled for a course of studies today will have to consider the ethical aspects of his/her actions tomorrow.

As of winter semester 2019/20, TUM students will have the opportunity to visit lectures at the Munich School of Philosophy in order to get to the bottom of the fundamental questions of ethics, responsibility, and meaning.

The "Philosophicum" certificate

Whether you want to attend only one lecture or whether you are aiming to obtain the supplementary academic certificate "Philosophicum" in 4 to 6 semesters – you can decide on the extent. In consultation with the student advisory services, there is also the possibility of having achievements at the Munich School of Philosophy recognized as interdisciplinary qualifications in the scope of your course of studies.


At the Munich School of Philosophy, teachers and students have now been addressing contemporary challenges for more than 90 years.

In Munich's Kaulbachstraße (near Englischer Garten), you can learn to analyze complex interdependencies and to argue for your point of view – drawing on 2,500 years of philosophy history. Courses at the interface between the natural and technical sciences as well as the humanities and social sciences offer a great opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange.

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