High teaching standards at TUM:

New prizes award innovative teaching concepts

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Viele Bausteine machen gute Lehre aus: Die TUM vergibt den Ernst Otto Fischer-Lehrpreis und das Freisemester für Lehre. (Logo: TUM)

How can the standard of teaching at TUM be enhanced even further? What ideas do the lecturers themselves have? Two new prizes the Ernst Otto Fischer prize and the Freisemester for Lehre (teachers sabbatical leave award) have been introduced to help support these contemplations.

Both prizes offer teaching staff a way of developing new concepts and implementing them directly. They have now been awarded for the first time.

In contrast to most existing teaching awards in Germany the new TUM prizes are awarded for special, innovative concepts. The concepts are submitted by the lecturers and judged by a jury. The students are actively involved in the selection process.

The two prizes are financed from funds made available by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft for the award-winning TUM: Lehre im Fokus project.  The next call for concepts is due in spring 2012. 

For more details on the prize-winners and their concepts: 

Freisemester für Lehre (teacher`s sabbatical leave award) http://portal.mytum.de/studium-und-lehre/lehrpreise/freisemester_fuer_lehre.html