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  • Referendum in November

    A breakthrough with the semester ticket

    U-Bahn Münchener Freiheit
    The goal is in sight: a semester ticket may be introduced for Munich’s students. A referendum is to be held for Munich’s students between November 21 and December 2, 2012. What hurdles need to be taken? And how much will the ticket cost exactly? Stefan Bschorer – from Munich Universities’ mobility working group “Arbeitskreis Mobilität” – has the answers. TUMstudinews interviewed him.
  • Daedalus

    Students teach zeppelins how to fly

    Zeppelin hoch über dem Innenhof
    How can you steer a zeppelin without a remote control? The Daedalus Project teaches students how to despatch the airship on an autonomous flight. "Some day, we will be able to provide the Zeppelin with data from Google Maps – to tell it exactly where to fly, what pictures to take and when to be back," explains Johannes Feldmaier. He is in charge of the project at TUM’s Institute for Data Processing.
  • Learning skills

    Learning how to learn

    lesender Student auf der Wiese
    Is it possible to learn how to pass a test and stay relaxed? Yes, it is – with a course offered by ProLehre. During the winter term of 2012/13, the department for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education at TUM offers a wide range of seminars and workshops to all the students.
  • The University Library can help

    Knowing where to look for information

    Arbeitsgruppe in der TUM Bib
    How to conduct effective literature research, quote correctly, understand the benefits of a literature reference system… and much more besides: The TUM University Library offers various training courses and guided tours. Find out about the library’s wide range of services and  how to use them.
  • Anywhere and at any time

    Virtual University of Bavaria

    Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern
    Studying the convenient way at the computer: the Virtual University of Bavaria (Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern - vhb) offers all students at the member universities free online lectures. More than 280 courses are available during the winter term of 2012/13.
  • Church on Campus

    The new protestant university chaplain in Garching

    Katarina Freisleder has been Garching’s new university chaplain since June 2012. The theologian belongs to the team of the Protestant Student Community (Evangelische Hochschulgemeinde, EHG). Church on the campus – what does this mean to her? What does she think is of particular importance in Garching? Verena Meinecke/TUMstudinews spoke to Katarina Freisleder.