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  • Semesterticket Munich:

    Vote for or against the new concept

    Urabstimmung zum Semesterticket München: Mindestens 25 % der Studis der teilnehmenden Hochschulen müssen von 2. bis 9. November 2016 ihr Votum abgeben. (Design: Foto: Dr. Jan Kobel/MVG Sabrina Braun, AK Mobilität)
    About 113,000 students from TUM, LMU, and the HM will be able to vote for or against the new concept for the semester ticket, which was recently negotiated. From Wednesday, November 2, to Wednesday, November 9, you can vote whether you agree to the new terms.
  • Mobility Campus Garching:

    63% use the public transport service

    Mit der U-Bahn zum Campus Garching: Knapp 63 % aller Studis und Mitarbeiter nutzen fast täglich die öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel. (Foto: Andreas Heddergott)
    How do you get to Garching? How frequently do you use the public transport services? Are you interested in electromobility? In spring 2016, TUM conducted an online survey in order to investigate the behavior of the students and employees. 7,000 people took part. Now, we have the results.
  • Autonomous driving:

    Master’s student Felix Naser conducts research at the MIT

    Von Garching ans MIT: TUM-Student Felix Naser entwickelt in Massachusetts an einer Software für Autonomes Fahren mit. (Foto: Felix Naser)
    From Garching to the MIT: Master’s student Felix Naser is currently in Boston, USA, working at one of the world’s most prestigious institutes. He is helping to build the new Research Center for Autonomous Cars, and he is working on his Master’s thesis. How did Felix manage to get to the MIT, and how is he doing in Boston?
  • Olympic sailor 2016:

    21 questions to Ferdinand Gerz

    Studiert an der TUM School of Management: Ferdinand Gerz hat in der 470-er Klasse bei Olympia in Rio teilgenommen. (Foto: privat)
    This questionnaire-game is still as worthwile as it was in the days of Marcel Proust. Here, we have answers by the enthusiastic sailor Ferdinand Gerz, who took part in the Olympic Games in London and Rio, and who is currently focusing on his studies at the TUM School of Management.
  • Lisa Debschütz: Commitment for the IKOM

    Plenty of space for creativity

    Schreibt gerade Bachelorarbeit am Lehrstuhl für Aerodynamik und Strömungsmechanik der TUM: Lisa Debschütz engagiert sich bei der IKOM. (Foto: Johanna Kerschreiter)
    Actually, Lisa Debschütz always knew that she wanted to start a career in the field of technology. She had always been interested in computing, designing, and developing. However, the young mechanical engineer was also always interested in a practical connection with the industry – a goal she is now pursuing with her commitment for the IKOM.
  • Protestant and Catholic University Communities:

    Open to everyone

    Zusammen ist man weniger allein: Die Türen von EHG und KHG der TUM stehen allen offen. (Foto: Jonas Schleske)
    For many students, it is very important to get into contact with others and become part of a community – especially at the beginning of a course of studies. In this regard, the Protestant and the Catholic University Communities at TUM (EHG and KHG) are open to everyone.
  • Not to be missed:

    Service, Career, Cabaret

    Die Kirche St. Bonifaz an der Karlstraße in München: Hier findet der ökumenische Jahresgottesdienst von TUM und HMT statt. (Foto: Uli Benz)
    Are you planning to go abroad for a semester outside Europe? TUMexchange: The current application round for an international stay in the winter semester 2017/18 or the summer semester 2018 lasts from October 24, 2016, to November 7, 2016 (at 10 am).