Course "Information Literacy":

Are you still searching – or are you already finding?

Woman jumping in front of bookshelf
The library is fun! A special course at TUM serves as an instruction manual. (Photo: GertjanVH/Shutterstock)
Where can I get a library card? How do I get access to e-books and e-journals? How do I order books and magazines? A valuable course answers these typical questions on library usage.

The course "Information Literacy I" is similar to a manual on how to use the library, explaining how to access its media offers – including valuable hints and gimmicks, in particular regarding online research, to ensure that you can quickly and easily access the electronic media. A library is more powerful than Google.

Take a look around the library

If you would like to get to know the university library not only in theory, but also live on site, you can take part in a semester-start tour, which provides an overview of all the services.

Get to know the library as a place of learning and working, learn where to find the right literature for your studies, and find out more about "Carrels" and "TUM Speaker's Corner". The University Library will be pleased to support you during your studies with its comprehensive offer of different media and courses.

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Information Literacy 1
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