Video information:

New terminals in the University Library

Infosäule in der UB
Neue Face-to-face Auskunft in der TUM-Unibibliothek. (Foto: TUM Universitätsbibliothek)

Have you already seen the info-terminals in the Branch Library Main campus, the Branch Library Chemistry and in the Branch Library Weihenstephan? They are round, colored blue and white and are half-open. Anyone who dares to step inside will find a service facility that is brand new to Bavaria: video information.

You will be able to communicate with our team by means of video telephony – just as if you were using Skype. The major advantage lies in the fact that the librarian is able to display his screen-content on the info terminal’s screen to show search results "live".

This feature is of great help for information queries: instead of describing which corner of the screen contains the required information, the customer and the librarian are able to share a content screen via video telephony. There’s no virtual communication method that is closer to face-to-face information.