Important facts

  • Application period: 
    will be from 21th of June 2018 till 05th of July 2018. From there on, you'll see the link to the online-application. Until then, please do not send any inquiries by e-mail. You may write your motivational letter in English.
  • Period of scholarship: 
    12 months
  • Value: 
    300 Euro per month 
  • Exclusion criteria:

In October 2018, you must not have exceeded the standard period of study stipulated for your degree programme. The entry on the matriculation certificate is decisive.

During the funding period, they may not receive any further aptitude and performance-oriented support of an average of 30 € or more per month. In other words, while receiving funding from the German National Scholarship, they may not receive any other merit based scholarship over the amount of 30€ a month. 

A promotion to a doctorate is not possible in the German National Scholarship.

Deutschlandstipendium: how to apply

Important facts for uploading your documents

Selection Process

The selection process is as follows:

  1. Verification of the data provided and automated ranking (departments and GPA).
  2. Evaluation of "other" criteria (in accordance with § 3 StipG, e.g. voluntary social commitment, readiness to take on responsibility, special family circumstances, etc.) by an independent Diversity Committee.
  3. The applications are forwarded to and evaluated in the respective departments.
  4. The applications are presented to the selection committee that will then determine a proposal list. The final decision will be made by the Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Müller. AFTER the scholarship students have been selected, some of the sponsors will be granted advisors' rights (§ 2 StipG), but only concerning the matching of students and sponsors. For data privacy reasons, TUM will not send student applications to third parties. Selected student motivation letters and CVs can only be accessed at the TUM and subsequent to having signed a non-disclosure agreement. Information on psychological and physical limitations will NOT be made accessible to any third party.


According to the German Scholarship Law (StipG - German only), private sponsors may appropriate two-thirds of their scholarships to a particular field or course of studies. 

    Non-appropriated scholarships will be distributed proportionally among ALL departments.

    Performance Records, Grade Point Average

    Relevant for your application is your academic performance until your most recently completed semester - i.e. your grades at the end of the winter semester 2017/18. In accordance with the principle of equality, we cannot take into consideration courses you are doing in the ongoing semester.

    Please list ALL graded courses that count for your final grade in the excel spreadsheet available for download below to find out your grade point average (GPA) at TUM. 

    TUM reserves the right to look up more recent grades on TUMonline should they be necessary to make a decision.

    If you will start your first semester as a M.Sc. student, you do NOT need to fill in the excel sheet below. Instead, we will need your B.Sc. certificate and grade. In the application form, please copy your B.Sc. final grade in place of the TUM GPA (format: 1,234) and please upload your B.Sc. certificate as a PDF attachment.



    Calculate your grade point average at the TUM (Grading sheets, only available in German):


    • We do NOT accept paper documents. Please make sure to upload any relevant proof as PDF documents in the upload-section within the online application form. Other file formats than PDF might run the risc of not being compatible with the application process and these files will not be taken into consideration.
    • We can only process applications that are submitted within the application period.
    • Please avoid umlauts in the document titles
    • You can only upload ONE attachment per box in the upload section. If you want to send us extra documents/certificates, please make sure to merge them into one PDF first.
    • You may not add anything to your application once it is sent! So please make sure you have all required documents ready BEFORE you start filling in the application. It does not matter on what day you send in your application as long as you send it within the application period and meet the deadline. 

    Please organize your 4 or 5 PDF attachments as follows:

    PDF 1: Motivation Letter (mandatory)

    • 1 page max.
    • Please do not forget to give give us more information on what you listed in the Yes/No section in the online application form!

    PDF 2:Curriculum Vitae (mandatory)

    PDF 3: Signed Data Privacy Statement (mandatory) and Grading sheet

    • German language Data Privacy Statement (PDF 33KB): Please download, sign and upload as a PDF attachment (mandatory)!
    • Grading sheet (see download section and explanation above, only applicable to those who are currently NOT in their first semester at the TUM) - That means: If you are just applying for your Master or in your 1st Master semester then you DO NOT NEED to attach a grading sheet. It is just a help to calculate your current GPA! In that case you only need to provide your final degree of your Bachelor.  You also do not need it, if you are a TUM student (2nd semester and above) and you can see your current GPA in TUMonline. In that case just copy your current GPA shown in TUMonline. In short that means that most likely you do not need to attach a grading sheet.

    PDF 4: Relevant Academic Certificates (mandatory)

    • high school diploma
    • if applicable: B.Sc. certificate

    PDF 5: Further Certificates (optional)

    e.g.: If you listed anything in in the Yes/No section of the online application, please upload the relevant proof/certificates. How to describe and prove your statements

    How can I merge PDF documents?

    Please search for "merge PDF freeware" and you will find programs available for free.

    Can I apply although my TUM application is still pending?

    Yes. Everybody who intends to enroll at TUM for a full program the upcoming winter term can apply. Instead of your GPA at TUM we will need your B.Sc. certificate and final grade or high school diploma and final grade, etc. 


     The application deadline for scholarships starting in the winter term 2017 has passed. Missing documents cannot be handed in anymore!

    The application for the winter term 2018 (funding starting 01.10.2018) will most likely be in June 2018. Documents cannot be handed in after the deadline. So please make sure that you have everything ready by then.


    Simone Wittmann, M.A.
    Consultant German National Scholarship