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To the BMBF’s general FAQ page about the Deutschlandstipendium.

FAQ about the National Scholarship Program Deutschlandstipendium

FAQ for TUM students

May I write my application in English?

English will be fine.

However, applications in other languages (than German and English) will not be accepted. Please also make sure to have your certificates translated if they are not written in English or German.

Is there further information available?

Have a look at the BMBF’s general FAQ page about the Deutschlandstipendium.

Where can I read the Application Guidelines?

Our application site provides tips, e.g. Uploading of PDFs, TUM-Eligibility Grade, Letter of Application.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

The prerequisite is admittance or enrolment at the TUM.
Exchange students who are enroled at their home university and who are finishing their stays abroad at the TUM are excluded.

Could foreign applicants also be awarded a Germany Scholarship?

Yes. The prerequisite is admittance or enrolment at the TUM. The basis for selection is the grade of your last degree. Deutschlandstipendium is first and foremost an aptitude and performance-related scholarship, where very good performance especially brought forth at the TUM will draw a reasonable amount of applicants and should be taken into consideration. Under the principle of equality, only exceptionally gifted applicants could be sponsored.

Up until which semester can one apply?

All TUM students may apply as long as they do not exceed the official standard period of their studies. Support generally lasts 12 months but could basically be extended after a reapplication. The financing time limit is restricted by the study program’s standard period of study of the person concerned.

Is there an age limit for the application?


Could PhD students apply for a scholarship?

No, unfortunately not.

Which study programs are eligible for a sponsorship?

Every study program at a state or state-approved institution of higher learning is eligible for a sponsorship. So for example, a second degree or complementary studies, a masters study program or an extra or dual study program.

However, you can only receive a scholarship from the institution that you are enrolled at.

Will letters of application actually be read?

Yes. They play an especially major role for the central TUM selection panel. The faculties establish a ranking of received applicants. Afterwards, the central selection panel makes their final selection and when similar credentials and neediness are evident, the application letter often plays a deciding role.

How will a personal case of hardship be determined?

The assessment of a personal case of hardship is one of our most difficult tasks. For this reason, we request support from the Christian Higher Education Associations (kirchlichen Hochschulgemeinden KHG and EHG) and from TUM’S Gender Center (Genderzentrum), the service point for disabled and chronically ill students, as well as psychosocial counselling from the Studentenwerk.
With 36,000 students at TUM, it would be helpful if you would get in touch with one of the abovementioned organizations before applying. First and foremost, the Germany Scholarship will be awarded based on aptitude and performance. Social and financial hardships will be considered in an appropriate manner. It is essential however, that the principle of equality be upheld. This applies to ALL students of TUM.

How long will I continue to be sponsored after I have taken my last examination (also Bachelor)?

The scholarship will be paid out until the end of the month, where you have you have completed your last examination (e.g. Submission of a Bachelor's or Master’s thesis). In this case, please inform us in advance about the planned ending of your studies.

IMPORTANT: Payment for bachelor scholarship holders ends therefore, as with the master's, in the month in which the final academic assessment is completed. Usually, the date of the final academic assessment is the date of the submission of the bachelor thesis.
This must not be the month in which you are being exmatriculated.

PLEASE NOTE: The TUM is legally obliged to verify this information. Should the bachelor thesis be submitted earlier than planned, let us know the date. This helps to avoid subsequent, often high reimbursement orders.

POINTER - TRANSITION FROM BACHELOR TO MASTER: Ensure the date of the bachelor submission thesis is entered as the month prior to which you begin your master's program. This is the only way to guarantee a seamless transition.

Could one reapply at a later point in time after a refusal?

Yes. A refusal does not mean that one will be rejected “forever”. One may reapply anew every time. However, by such a low current number of scholarships, one should be among one of the top students of the year in his/her faculty.

Is the scholarship to be regarded as "additional income" according to tax law?

The Germany Scholarship is tax-free and will according to §5 section. 3 StipG  i.d.R.  not be calculated as income with social benefits.
Consequently, the Germany Scholarship does not represent any kind of paid compensation for a particular occupation and is – as are all other comparable scholarships as well – not to be considered as pay.

Will scholarship holders be assigned a sponsor?


Are any obligations associated to the awarding of the scholarship?

No, there are no direct obligations associated to the awarding of the scholarship. At the ceremonial awarding of certificates, there will be an exclusive gathering with the respective sponsors from the business community. An appearance at this event will expressly be welcomed in order to encourage the exchange between economy and university and to guarantee the expansion of the scholarship program.

Could I receive both BAföG and the Germany Scholarship SIMULTANEOUSLY?


Will applicants who receive a monthly book allowance in the amount of 80€ from the German Business Foundation (Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft) still be sponsored?

Due to the fact that the funding exceeds the monthly 30€ disqualification amount and is performance-related, is this considered a disqualification criteria. Nevertheless, some foundations agree to forgo payments, for the duration of the scholarship support – to be sure to further accord  in a non-material manner. In this case, funding through the National Scholarship Program is possible.  

Will the Germany Scholarship still apply when a whole or part of the time sponsored is spent abroad?

The scholarship will continue to be paid if one is absent due to a study-related stay abroad. Provided that one stays abroad,for the duration of the sponsorship. This applies independent of a potential leave of absence from the university who has awarded the scholarship. If one studies abroad via the ERASMUS Program, the Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium) will also continue to be funded, even when one simultaneously receives a student mobility allowance from the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst –DAAD) as a scholarship holder.

Should ERASMUS support be categorized as ability and performance-related?

No, as long as you are fully enrolled at TUM, the National Scholarship Program will continue to be paid during an ERASMUS stay – it will by the way also be paid during study-related internships abroad; see BMBF-FAQ.

Are German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD-promotions) possible aside from the Germany Scholarship?

Due to the fact that the DAAD carries out various means of support, these are to be reviewed individually. The following counts for guidance: Mobility allowance is not in competition with the Germany Scholarship. Should support for living nevertheless exist, and amount to or exceed the 30 Euros per month, then the Germany Scholarship cannot be remitted during this period.
Basically, a “suspension of payment” is only possible for scholarships that are already in effect. In these cases, payment after the DAAD-promotion can be resumed until the end of the authorized period, provided that one continues one’s previously pursued study program at the TUM.

Will banking information be transmitted online during the application process?

Certainly not. Banking information will only be requested subsequent to the official acceptance of the scholarship from successful scholarship holders.

What do I do if my address or banking information changes?

Please immediately inform the Deutschlandstipendium Advisor (juergen.gradl@tum.de), in order for notices and payments to be correctly received! Should self-induced fees be incurred, these must be paid by the scholarship holder personally.