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Portraits - Experiences of scholarship holders at TUM

Scholarship holders portrayed: Currently more than 700 students at TUM are being sponsored by the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship. Here, some tell us about their impressions, expectations and experiences in the still young program.

Aashish Pokhrel

Hekmat Dabbas

...left his homeland Syria one year after the outbreak of the war. First, he studied in the Czech Republic before he came to the Technical University of Munich a year ago. He is a student of Transportation Systems and was granted a “Deutschlandstipendium”. In an interview with TUMstudinews reporter Sabrina Czechofsky, he talks about his time in Syria, his new life in Munich and his goals for after graduation. To the interview

Katharina Kollenda

... is an engineering student and has been a scholarship holder since the 2013 summer semester. Since her first semester, she has taken a stand for the interests of her fellow students in her role as Director of the Munich School of Engineering's (MSE) Student Association. To the Interview

Wiyar Sharif

…fled Afghanistan to Germany with his family in 1994. In this interview, he explains how he’s gone on to study civil engineering at the TUM and how his sponsor has helped motivate and inspire him. To the interview

Bianca Monzer

... left her homeland in Romania aged sixteen, to seek a better future with her mother, far away from home. In this interview, she talks about her first experiences in Germany and how she succeeded on the path to university. To the interview

Sebastian Brenninger

... is currently writing his bachelor's thesis for his course in mechanical engineering and management. In this interview, he explains his decision behind choosing this course at the TUM and his work as a volunteer at the university. To the interview

Barbara Peutler

... is studying for a master's in mathematics at TUM. In this interview, she talks about her volunteer work at IAESTE and finds at least four good reasons why everyone should get involved. To the interview

Leonie Wulf

... is a 5th-semester student of mechatronics and communication technology. In an interview she explains why she has chosen a technology-science program of study and what the contact to MAN, her sponsor, means to her.

Habtom Gidey

... left Ethiopia for Germany, to do a Master’s degree in Computer Science at TUM. In this interview, he tells us about his eventful life and his experiences in Germany.


Peter Zarnitz

... studies computer science, has a job and represents the students of TUM in the Senate and the Board of Trustees. He tells us in an interview how he manages these activities, why he enjoys engaging himself in University policies and how the scholarship helps him.

Eser Aytekin

... is studying Technology and Management-Oriented Business Administration. He has been sponsored by the National Scholarship Program since the fall of 2012. In an interview, he talks about his path after his completion of secondary school, among other things.

Christian Führmann

... will soon complete his diploma program at the Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences. The young father has been a scholarship holder for over a year now.  In the interview he tells us about how he and his wife Karoline cope with everyday life with their daughter Emma. To the interview