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What we do: Experiences in the German National Scholarship at the TUM

Supporters and scholarship holders in contact - the kick-off event at the TUM is only the beginning: From scholarship days in companies to internships and personal mentoring, the supporters provide ideal support for their scholarship holders personally and individually.


Establish contacts:

Sponsors and scholarship holders get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere at the beginning of each semester at a festive event at the TUM..

Mentoring and networking

Strengthening personalities and networking:

Private sponsors support their protégés with words and deeds. Companies, on the other hand, offer seminars for personal development. The TUM organizes networking excursions, workshops and much more.


Seize opportunities:

Scholarship holders gain practical experience with their supporters - through internships, working student activities and final theses.


Behind the scenes:

Sponsors invite their scholarship holders, for example, to a factory tour. Many companies offer a joint day at the company to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

We are committed: The "Talente Spenden" Initiative

Above all, the German National Scholarship saves us time. We want to use part of this for social commitment.