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Getting a closer look: internship at the sponsor


Off to a career: Scholarship holders gain practical experience with their sponsors. In mentoring programs, for example, they are accompanied on their first career steps. Working as a student trainee, doing an internship or writing a thesis opens up new avenues for the future - cooperation is a win-win situation for both sides.


Allianz Deutschland AG

During the award ceremony for the German National Scholarship in the 2015/2016 winter semester, TUM student Felix Hüttner made contact with his (former) sponsor and the responsible supervisor of Allianz Deutschland AG: "The intensive and friendly contact extended to the offer of an internship position. Since February I have therefore been doing an internship in the staff of the Board of Management of the Department of Business Organization. In addition to organising and accompanying the selection of applicants for a trainee programme and planning observation days, the programme also includes the preparation of management templates as a decision-making basis for managers. I am particularly pleased about the large network between interns and colleagues and the opportunity to get to know Allianz Deutschland AG. For me, the contact via the German scholarship offers a great opportunity to gain varied and exciting insights into the world of a large corporation in addition to my monetary support and thus to develop personally. Allianz Deutschland AG also gives me the opportunity to actively experience the latest changes in the global insurance market and the course of digitization of an internationally positioned company. I am very pleased to have such an experience in such a multi-faceted company as Allianz Deutschland AG".


Daria Leiber studies mechanical engineering at TUM. In the last semester she completed an internship with her sponsor MAN. The contact was established at the beginning of the scholarship and has not been broken off since then. The student tells about this interesting time: "My five months at MAN are certainly one of the most instructive experiences I have had during my studies. Right from the start I was competently looked after and was able to gain varied insights into the company. During my internship I was involved in multi-project management of production, i.e. I was involved in the coordination of several projects regarding their dependencies and common resources. As part of my bachelor thesis, I carried out a project in the field of project reporting. I found it particularly exciting to get to know the processes in one of the leading German industrial companies up close. The cooperation gave me great pleasure and the fact that the results of my work were really used was the icing on the cake of this great experience."

Giesecke & Devrient

Johannes Lindl is in his sixth bachelor's semester studying mathematics at the Technical University of Munich and completed an internship with his sponsor Giesecke & Devrient: "I became aware of G&D through the German National Scholarship. After I got to know the company better, I was immediately interested in an internship. I was all the more pleased that my application was accepted and I was able to gain practical experience at Giesecke & Devrient. Paul Smith, an extremely helpful and competent mathematician supported me as an internship supervisor.  Among other things, I was allowed to write a mathematical program for image post-processing in the banknote sector. This software is to be used in a cash sorting system. I was also able to contribute my own ideas on magnetic codes in the security strip, as I was always given a great deal of creative freedom and trust. I have been warmly welcomed by all my colleagues and treated as a full member of staff. I am very grateful for the interesting insights and positive experiences. I really enjoyed the internship, learned a lot and can take a lot with me for my further studies."

BayWa Foundation

Martina Kozel is studying agricultural management in her first master's semester and got to know the BayWa Foundation, her scholarship sponsor, better during an internship. "At the end of my bachelor's degree I had a very nice, informal conversation with Maria Thon, Chairman of the BayWa Foundation, and PR and project manager Marina Schwenzer. Since I had the opportunity to get to know them both at events of the German National Scholarship in the months before, it was a very pleasant exchange. I wanted to know more about the BayWa Foundation and got the opportunity to do an internship. It was a very nice and instructive time. The team of the BayWa Foundation welcomed me very warmly and I felt very comfortable from day one. I have gained insights into various projects of the foundation, have been able to work independently on my own tasks and have experienced how current projects have taken more and more shape. I really liked the foundation's diverse range of tasks - from administration to project appointments at schools. Above all, I enjoyed working on the development of the'Ernährungskompass', a nutrition book for primary school pupils and parents. Due to my positive internship period, I will then work as a working student at the foundation. The personal contact via the German National Scholarship gave me this very interesting and multi-faceted insight into the BayWa Foundation".

General Electric

Scholarship holder Anja Nieratschker is studying mechanical engineering at TUM and is currently completing a six-month internship with her sponsor General Electric (GE) in Garching near Munich: "As part of my internship at GE I am working on several projects in the aerospace and wind energy industries that deal with the production of composite components in the Composites Manufacturing Lab (CML). In particular, I have the opportunity to support the team in a variety of practical experiments in the field of composite materials and thus gain a deeper insight into a wide variety of topics and industrial research. Furthermore, as a full-fledged team member, I experience everyday work at GE in meetings and have the opportunity to present my results to our customers from the various business units. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to gain my first professional experience and to apply the knowledge I have acquired during my studies. With this internship, GE gives me as a sponsor and employer the unique opportunity to gain insights into an internationally active company and to contribute to a multifaceted team."

MAN Truck & Bus AG

Scholarship holder Sarah Legner studies technology- and management-oriented business administration with a focus on mechanical engineering and operations & supply chain management at the Technical University of Munich. She is currently being sponsored by MAN Truck & Bus AG as part of the German scholarship: "On MAN Campus Day I had the opportunity to make initial contact with a logistics planning representative who forwarded my documents to the Strategy, Concepts & Projects department in Brand Logistics. A short time later I was invited for an interview and had the opportunity to complete a two-month internship. I was already fascinated by MAN on campus day when I got to know the products up close during a test drive. During my internship I had the opportunity to deepen my product knowledge and gain valuable insights into the structures of the company. My supervisors have always taken the time to show me the processes directly on site and to actively involve me. For example, I got to know the Nuremberg engine plant as part of a project to connect a supplier just-in-sequence. In the meantime I am working in the department as a student trainee and support mainly in multi-project management. At the moment there is the prospect of writing my bachelor thesis in the department - another opportunity that is offered to me thanks to the German National Scholarship!"

Airbus Defence & Space

Daniel Rahn studies aerospace engineering at the TUM and received Airbus Defence & Space, formerly Astrium, as a sponsor. At the Ottobrunn site he was given the opportunity to complete a voluntary internship combined with a term paper over a period of 9 months. His work gave him practical insights into the development process of rocket engines within the System Analysis & Modeling department: "As part of my work at Airbus Defence & Space, I was assigned an independent and practice-oriented project. The aim is to optimize and validate a program for three-dimensional flow calculation in order to improve the future design process of rocket engines. This is an exciting area in which I can now make a contribution to the company under the guidance of experienced employees and at the same time gain personal and professional experience. Due to the German National Scholarship and a related excursion, I already had contact with the department in which I am now employed. I am very pleased to be able to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice and get to know the company better".

Giesecke & Devrient

Bianca Monzer completed a research internship with the sponsor Giesecke & Devrient: "The research internship in the Research and Development department at Giesecke & Devrient was great. Working there is always a challenge, as banknote processing systems are subject to the strictest security and quality requirements. I had the opportunity to follow the development process from the initial stages to the finished product. From the project manager I learned how to process the product requirements of the customers and how to develop a product concept in a team. I was also allowed to think about test cases myself and perform them on the test setup. This gave me a precise impression of development work and its challenges. I remain in close contact with G&D and am glad to have got to know such an unusual and interesting company through the German National Scholarship."


Eva Gradl studies mechanical engineering at TUM and became aware of the Webasto Group with the German National Scholarship. During a five-month internship she now has the chance to get to know the company better. After a short training phase, I have been assigned a project task, which I can now work on independently. This includes, among other things, the planning and execution of experiments, which makes the range of tasks really varied. I can gain valuable practical experience and learn more about the fields of activity of an engineer. The training day at the Neubrandenburg plant was also exciting, during which I was given a guided tour through parking heater production together with colleagues. This was made possible by the German scholarship and I appreciate it very much."


Her German National Scholarship from ALTANA gave Carina Lämmle an insight into the analytics of ECKART GmbH, a subsidiary of the ALTANA Group. At the Hartenstein site, she not only had the opportunity to familiarize herself with the equipment used on site, but also to learn a lot about the day-to-day work of the effect pigment manufacturer. Thus, various organic and inorganic substances are detected qualitatively and quantitatively in the company. In addition to quality assurance, this also serves to optimize production processes. After participating in the Backstage@ALTANA program, she concluded: "It was very exciting to see the equipment live, which can only be seen in pictures during the lecture. This makes it much easier to get a feel for instrumental analysis. At the same time, it shows that the methods learned in the lecture are actually applied in this way. I am very pleased that I was able to gain insights at ECKART in this way".

Porsche AG

Rupert Wildhofer studies energy and process technology at TUM with a focus on thermofluid dynamics and combustion engines. As part of the German scholarship, he was supported by Porsche AG: "As scholarship holders, we were invited to a regulars' table of the 'Porsche Talent Network' in Munich shortly after the award ceremony. Representatives from human resources were also present at this informal meeting, who encouraged us to complete an internship at Porsche. To round off my studies and gain as much new experience as possible, I decided to do a six-month internship in the SUV drive project management. It was particularly exciting for me to experience the challenges of the entire vehicle development process up close using the example of the Porsche Macan, which will soon be on the market. As part of the start of series production I was also able to supervise my own smaller project. I was very pleased with the many opportunities that were granted during the internship. The short official channels also provided an extremely pleasant working atmosphere, which made my internship an experience I would not want to miss.

Vestner Aufzüge

Scholarship holder Stephanie Rupp studies electrical engineering and information technology at the TUM and reports on her experience with her sponsor Vestner Aufzüge: "At the award ceremony I met Ms Siekmann (responsible for public relations) from Vestner Aufzüge, who offered me an internship at the company during the evening. I gladly accepted this opportunity and finally completed a 9-week internship with my sponsor. During this time I dealt with the topic of energy efficiency in elevators and thus gained a lot of useful experience in the practical field. In addition, I was able to apply my knowledge in the field of energy technology, which I had attended one semester before. This was particularly exciting for me, as I was finally able to really try out what I had learned at university. I am very grateful to Vestner Aufzüge for this internship."

Esri Deutschland GmbH

Nicolas Dechamps studies Forest Sciences at the TUM with focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geoinformatics in the field of Forest and Forestry. His sponsor Esri Germany offered him the attractive opportunity to combine an internship with a master's thesis: "Several aspects made the internship at Esri the most exciting time of my studies. The up-close insights into the leading company of geographical information systems and the professional exchange with many employees were extremely valuable. In this productive environment and by taking part in Esri training courses, I learned technical and organizational skills quickly and in abundance. An inspiring highlight was the visit to the great European Esri User Conference 2013, where my supervisor Benedikt Pointner gave me freedom and flexibility in designing the content of my master thesis so that I could run it as my own GIS project with particular motivation and pleasure. I am grateful for all the benefits that have been given to me!"


Scholar Karola Gerecht studies biochemistry at the TUM and is supported by the Bayer Science & Education Foundation: "At the award ceremony at the TUM I met Ms. Wenzel and Mr. Schmitt-Lord from the Bayer Science & Education Foundation. After our talk that evening, they offered me an internship to get to know the Bayer company better: In the area of Antibody Lead Discovery at the Cologne site, I received an exciting project of my own, in which I was supported to the best of my ability by the entire working group, in addition to an insight into everyday laboratory work. I was also invited to visit the research center in Wuppertal, where I got to know other parts of the company. I am really glad to have received this great opportunity through the Germany tip medium. I was able to gain valuable practical experience and had a lot of fun during my time at Bayer."

Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH

Electrical engineering student Johannes Schreiner is supported by Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH. During an internship, he is currently getting to know everyday working life in the company: "The German National Scholarship has led to intensive contact with my sponsor Bosch. I was offered insights into the company family and potential fields of activity. I had the feeling that my sponsor could get to know me well through the personal exchange and thus respond to my interests in detail. Based on this exchange, I decided to take up an internship in the Engineered Solution and Software business unit in the development department at Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH in Grasbrunn. My mentor has found a field of work for me here that suits my interests and expectations very well and I enjoy it very much".

Vestner Aufzüge

Stefanie Zimmermann about her internship with her sponsor Vestner Aufzüge: "As part of my internship at Vestner Aufzüge, I worked in the Product Lifcycle Management (LCM) department on the current project "Noise Reduction", the aim of which was to reduce the noise of the Vestner ADVANCE 4 standard elevator model. After a short training phase in elevator technology and the subject areas of acoustics and structure-borne noise, with the support of young and motivated employees, I was able to independently work out noise-reducing measures and develop corresponding elevator components. This enabled me to apply the knowledge I had acquired during my studies and to gain my first professional experience. In particular, I was able to profitably use and expand my knowledge of technical mechanics and my skills in working with the CAD program Inventor. I also gained important personal experience and so I am very pleased that I became aware of the company Vestner-Aufzüge through the German National Scholarship and got to know it better during my internship".

MAN Truck & Bus AG

TUM scholarship holder Maximilian Schreieck studies technology- and management-oriented business administration with a minor in mechanical engineering and is supported by MAN Truck & Bus AG. At the kick-off event at TUM, he made his first contacts with the company and the interesting discussions with MAN employees prompted him to apply to MAN for his Bachelor's thesis. Only a short time later he started in his desired area of Supply Chain Management and was assisted by Christina Paulun and Anton Wetzstein. Looking back on his experience at MAN, he says: "The exciting thing about my time at MAN was that I was able to apply the knowledge I had acquired during my studies in both business administration and mechanical engineering in practice and at the same time gained an interesting insight into the working world of an industrial company.