Spin-off team at the Entrepreneurship Center in Garching
Spin-off team at the Entrepreneurship Center in GarchingImage: Andreas Heddergott

TUM Entrepreneurship Center

The Entrepreneurship Center offers extensive services to technology-oriented entrepreneurs, from their initial ideas to the growth phase. TUM and its affiliate UnternehmerTUM Institute are housed together on the Garching campus to provide a one-stop-shop for these services.

Services offered

  • Start-up advice

  • Training

  • High-tech workshop (MakerSpace), equipped to build prototypes and carry out small batch production.

  • Entrepreneurship – Research: Professors from the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI) combine practical experience, research and teaching

  • Office space and workspace clusters for those interested in founding a business and start-ups in the TUM Incubator


TUM entrepreneurs are given offices and workspaces as well as counselling, all of which are freely available. This allows us to provide support for start-ups in preparation for founding in order to successfully bring their ideas to market.


10 Days of Design

user-centered innovation
10 Days of Design is a lean business innovation & product builder, combining proven design thinking and innovation methods from IDEO, Stanford d.school, Google Ventures & Strategyzer. With interdisciplinary student teams following a user-centered design approach, 10 Days of Design turns problems into opportunities, developing validated concepts with real users to accelerate product and process innovations.


  • B2B, B2C




The future of agriculture
Acrai has the vision to make agriculture more sustainable & efficient. In a first step, we aim to disrupt the $26B herbicides industry by enhancing state-of-the-art mechanical weeding methods with deep learning based computer vision 


  • Agricultural Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence



Aeria Multicopter Solutions

Developing the Worlds First Autonomous Cleaning-UAV
AERIA Multicopter Solutions focuses on developing an autonomous cleaning UAV to be deployed in facade-, roof-, solar- or wind park cleaning. 


  • UAVs
  • Autonomous Technologies
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart City
  • Smart Tools



ATR Biofluide

We make ATR Infrared Spectroscopy ready for use in clinics
ATR infrared spectroscopy is a widely used technology to analyze samples of various kinds. A key component is the sample carrier. It is made of diamond and is therefore very expensive (approx. 5000 €). We change this using semiconductor technologies. Our product is a low-cost, disposable sample carrier (approx. 5–10€) with a very high signal enhancement.  Promising applications are for example high-throughput screenings and bringing blood analysis by infrared spectroscopy into clinic 


Life Science, Medtec, Biotec

Alexaner Geißler,  info@atr-elements.com



The collaborative platform for the construction industry
BauHub is a platform that connects all stakeholders in a construction process. Building owners, planners, public section institutions, construction companies, contractors and subcontractors as well as suppliers, all of them get in touch through BauHub. BauHub is a collaborative platform, which supports an effective and efficient workflow by connecting all parties involved in a project and providing the with the right digital tools fit for their need.


  • IT
  • Construction
  • Construction Supplier industry
  • Consulting




Connected Logistics
blik provides real-time information on all products in a warehouse. Nowadays, goods are scanned manually only at individual, static positions within a warehouse. This leads to process deviations, lost working hours and lost goods. blik solves the problem by means of real-time data on the location and condition of all goods in a warehouse and thus enables savings in 7-digit height per warehouse


  • Intralogistics
  • Track & Trace



Cognitive Devices

Focus on future insights derived from past data
We offer the first Cognitive Care Info Center (CCIC) based on sensor data and learning software algorithms. CCIC predicts upcoming events in the surrounding of patients being highly dependent on care. Therefore, CCIC improves patient safety and can help to avoid millions of patient falls followed by serious injuries. CCIC takes the responsibility from operators and staff and will save care facilities and health insurances hundreds of millions of euros. 


  • Medical Devices


Crashtest Security

Automated Web Application Testing Made Easy
Crashtest Security provides a cloud based security scanning service for e-commerce platforms operators and web application developers. Through automation and standardization, we offer web shop owners easily understandable security tests of their live system. The Crashtest Security Suite also embeds into the continuous integration cycle of agile software development, allowing early error detection and improved security, while saving money compared to traditional security tests. 


  • IT Security



ecomply (ex AccessChain)

We automate GDPR compliance
emolve provides people a browser-based application, which enables them to prepare for presentations by means of an ordinary microphone and camera, pre-installed in a laptop.  The recorded presentation is analyzed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) regarding its verbal (e.g., speech, voice) and non-verbal expressions (e.g., gesture, facial expressions) to provide user feedback, in order to help users to improve their communication. 


  • Compliance




Present your future
emolve provides people a browser-based application, which enables them to prepare for presentations by means of an ordinary microphone and camera, pre-installed in a laptop.  The recorded presentation is analyzed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) regarding its verbal (e.g., speech, voice) and non-verbal expressions (e.g., gesture, facial expressions) to provide user feedback, in order to help users to improve their communication. 


  • People




Compact, automated liquid handling for the individual user
FLUICS develops a compact, mobile and fully automated liquid handling platform for biomedical research and diagnostics. With its patent-pending microfluidic-based technology FLUICS aims at becoming an integral part of the smart laboratory of the future. 


  • Lab automation for Life Sciences and Pharma
  • Biomedical diagnostics



Forest Ring Games

Accelerating game development with smart technologies
With the game development tools of Forest Ring Games it is possible to automatically balance complex strategic games to massively reduce the time and cost investment of game development. Forest Ring Games also develops the mobile game “Tower Duel” which will be the first game ever to be Balanced by Robots and it is a showcase for the upcoming Balancing Tool. 


  • Mobile Games





  • Tobias Gottwald 


Hands-free steering solution for electrical wheelchairs based on smart glasses
GLASSCHAIR is a solution for smart glasses, which allows people with disabilities to steer their electrical wheelchair solely via head movement. The innovative, safe and adaptive steering solution allows the user to steer the wheelchair via head movements that are being tracked via a smart glasses. People additionally get access to smart functions and features which are not included in current steering systems. Furthermore it includes several safety features.


  • Healthcare
  • Medtec






world’s first drinking bottle that flavours pure water just by scent 
We developed a drinking-bottle, that adds flavour to pure (tab-)water just by scent. With our system, we can ensure full taste without any sugars, unhealthy food-additives or calories. On top of that, the system is transportable and refillable and is therefore a more environmental-friendly way of consuming drinks with full taste.


  • Innovative Beverages




Smart robotics solutions for the scaffolding industry
KEWAZO develops a smart robotics solution for the scaffolding industry. The robotic system “Geruestbot” provides an effective, cost efficient and safe transportation of the scaffolding parts during the scaffolding (dis-)assembly process. We offer the world’s 1st smart onsite scaffolding transportation system, which operates not only in vertical, but also in horizontal directions, optimizing the scaffolding assembly process.


  • Construction
  • Robotics




Next Generation Cardiology
Software solutions from LARALAB aid cardiologists by individual analysis, planning and optimization of cardiac interventions. Given the complex and varying anatomy, such interventions are often problematic resulting in risks for the patient and long interventions. LARALAB’s solutions compute the optimal path combined with the determination of the best suitable catheter and implant for each patient. This enables cardiologists to conduct the intervention safer, faster and with a higher success rate.


  • Medical Technology
  • Software




Preventing Legionella in water supply systems

We are working on a device that can be installed in the warm water supply system of buildings for a hydrodynamic destruction of life-threatening bacteria like Legionella. Costs for enormous heating, chemicals or expensive active carbon filters become no longer necessary. The device enables a more effective and efficient solution and contributes to energy savings by reducing the water temperature.



  • CleanTech



Oazo is re-inventing beverage consumption and supply. Our water dispenser provides you with healthy and freshly brewed drinks and our ecosystem makes logistics smarter than ever before.


  • Beverage
  • Logistics



Augmented Lab

User-centered Technology Consulting
Augmented Lab is an owner-managed consulting agency specialized in the implementation of Augmented Reality into new and existing businesses. Our core value is to put user needs as the top priority. Through iterative prototype tests, we develop, evaluate and validate appealing solutions. We work closely together with our customers to develop product strategies that live, breathe and grow. 


  • AR/VR applications in any field




IT services
There is no platform that provides an easy to use software lease service Usage of public cloud providers solves the hardware side of the problem. We are building a platform which would lease cloud resources bundled with professional software solutions in an on-demand and scalable fashion. 


  • IT services




Improving Quality of Life
Qolware is a start-up based in Munich and provides the first intelligent sensor-based system for smart health monitoring and personal emergency response that helps elderly and individuals with severe chronic disease live autonomously and safely. Qolware’s smartwatch-application unobtrusively records a person’s physiological signals and detects automatic patterns associated with health-related emergencies. This way, dedicated caretakers are automatically informed about any life-threatening situation and provided with an exact location of the person.


  • Healthcare
  • Wearables
  • MedTech




Quantifying your business
RETAIL-Quant uses proprietary algorithms to propel stationary retailers into the digital age by offering affordable on-site analytics. Its computer vision sensor and predictive BI platform, allow retailers to intelligently analyse their data, make predictions on their operations, and gain actionable insights on how to optimize their business.


  • Retail Technology
  • Smart City
  • Predictive Analytics



The Future of Learning
StudySmarter is an innovative e-Learning Platform aiming to solve the two key problems in the learning process: low efficiency and lack of motivation. In the StudySmarter users simply have to upload their study material and can access their enriched study material such as concept maps; summaries and flash cards in real-time. To increase motivation, the platform is going to offer comprehensive statistic and gamification features, allowing a good overview over the progress and a sense of achievement


  • E-learning