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TUM Entrepreneurship Center

The Entrepreneurship Center offers extensive services to technology-oriented entrepreneurs, from their initial ideas to the growth phase. TUM and its affiliate UnternehmerTUM Institute are housed together on the Garching campus to provide a one-stop-shop for these services.

Services offered

  • Start-up advice
  • Training
  • High-tech workshop (MakerSpace), equipped to build prototypes and carry out small batch production
  • Entrepreneurship – Research: Professors from the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI) combine practical experience, research and teaching
  • Office space and workspace clusters for those interested in founding a business and start-ups in the TUM Incubator

TUM Incubator

TUM entrepreneurs are given offices and workspaces as well as counselling, all of which are freely available. This allows us to provide support for start-ups in preparation for founding in order to successfully bring their ideas to market.



Industries: Agriculture, Robotic, AI
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium
Contact: hello(at)acrai.de
Website: www.acrai.de

"The future of agriculture."

Acrai has the vision to make agriculture more sustainable & efficient. In a first step, we aim to disrupt the $26B herbicides industry by enhancing state-of-the-art mechanical weeding methods with deep learning based computer vision.


Industries: robotics industry, cleaning services industry
Support: Initiative for Industrial Innovators Grant
Contact: Lukas Wiesmeier
Website: www.angsa-robotics.com

Let´s make green spaces clean again!

Small trash in grass environment is a daily problem for event organizers and administrations of public parks. Currently, picking it up is a completely manual process, which makes it time consuming and expensive. Angsa develops an autonomous trash picking robot which can detect different trash items like cigarettes or bottle caps. The trash is then picked up with a vacuum cleaner guided by a robot arm.




Industries: optics, electronics, marketing & advertising
Suport: EXIST-Forschungstransfer
Contact: info(at)apicbeam.com
Website: www.apicbeam.com

APICBEAM display technology creates free-floating images and videos in mid-air for use in digital communications. Unlike conventional technologies, APICBEAM does not present the image information on a two-dimensional surface, but encodes it in a thin line of light using optical dispersion. The generated image appears like a hologram, can be viewed from all directions and keeps facing all viewers at all times.

ATR Biofluide

Industries: Life Science, Health Care
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium
Contact: info(at)irubis.com
Website: www.irubis.com/products/atr-crystals

"Innovating Infrared Spectroscopy."

ATR Biofluide's innovations are highly sensitive and cost-effective silicon sample carriers (approx. 5-10 €) for ATR infrared spectroscopy. Possible applications are the analysis of biofluids such as blood, proteins or cell culture media.


Industries: Digital Health, Personalized Therapy, Operational Health Management
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium
Contact: info(at)bodyviser.com
Website: www.bodyviser.com

“Quality of Life by Quality Advice” is our credo at BODYVISER. We provide personalized digital assistance to gain and keep an optimal personal balance.

Our goal is to address the biggest health problems of our society with the most innovative technologies. The focus is on the person as a whole, in particular a lasting improvement of quality of life. We focus on one of the biggest health threats of our century: stress and stress associated diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain or mental illness. With state-of-the-art technologies, we help experts, such as physicians, physiotherapists and psychologists, to increase the effectiveness of established methods by digital assistance, gain new insights and by that to provide a holistic, personalized state of the art treatment. Personalized and customized measures enable people to receive tailored support to obtain their optimal balance and efficiently implement their learnings into everyday life.


Industries: FinTech
Contact: impact(at)crypto-development-fund.com

Crypto Development Fund (CDF) enables Blockchain-based transparent investments in startups that are operating in developing countries, addressing the financial exclusion and the funding gap of entrepreneurs and firms. The CDF is providing a platform to connect investors from developed countries with startups from developing countries. Using smart contracts, payments in subsequent funding rounds from investors to start-ups are automated based on the achievement on milestones, reducing risks and costs. In order to provide a investment vehicle for the investors and startups, the CDF tokenizes the company and distribute the shares accordingly.


Industries: autonomous planting system, Smart Home
Contact: cultivata(at)info.de
Website: www.cultivata.de

"As a manufacturer of indoor planters for the fully autonomous supply of water and nutrients we create a carefree piece of nature for our customers own four walls."

It’s happened to everyone already: You leave the house for a few days or get into stress at work – and your beloved houseplants are already hanging their heads... Cultivata got you covered! Our team is developing the world's first plant container for the fully autonomous supply of water and nutrients to indoor plants. Thanks to the combination of modern thermodynamics and digital technologies even people lacking any green thumb finally are able to enjoy a piece of nature inside their homes.


Industry: diverse
Contact: kontakt(at)design-ai.de
Website: www.design-ai.de

“We solve problems of today with technologies of tomorrow.”

Design AI develops innovative software solutions through the combination of Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence. Through use-case identification, business-case evaluation and technical implementation, we help to leverage the value of your existing and future data and to realize significant competitive advantages.


Industries: Financial Services, IT-Services, Consulting
Contact: hi(at)dico.ai
Website: www.dico.ai

DICO simplifies leadership of teams based on psychological data. AI tools like Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis help team leaders to obtain relevant team dynamics so that they can adjust their leadership behavior respond to individual team needs. DICO's management tools strengthen communication and collaboration in teams, offer great insights about the workforce to HR and simultaneously promote the individual growth of every employee.


Industries: Education, Language learning, Technology, AI, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium
Contact: hello(at)meetelia.com
Website: www.meetelia.com

"Meet Elia – your language learning personal assistant you've always wanted!"

Elia is an intelligent personal assistant which embeds language learning in the real life of the learner using state-of-the-art AI and psycholinguistic research. In contrast to other products, Elia starts from the learners themselves by firstly picking up the content relevant to their lives from their everyday routines and only then creating personalized learning materials.


Industry: Logistic
Johannes Julius Lutzer
Website: -

Team FILICS uses innovative concepts to develop highly autonomous transport vehicles for intralogistic transport. The current state of the art is applied, which was developed in cooperation with the university. The goal of the company is a highly dynamic transport system that transports loads efficiently and accurate with little space.


Industry: Automotive
Support: EXIST-Forschungstransfer
Website: www.insafe.ai

"Automating safety analyses"

inSafe.ai automates safety analyses from functional safety. The subsequent reduction of work load is achieved through model based methods and AI. Required models are obtained from existing physical models by applying automated model transformation. Insafe.ai offers software solutions for automated safety analyses.


Industries: Health, Wellness
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium
Website: www.loewi.com

LOEWI brings renowned personalized health methods to the mass market. While collaborating with the Olympic Examination Center in Munich LOEWI applies cutting-edge methods in regards to personalized health. Through its data-driven business model LOEWI will be able to:

  • understand and analyze the individual metabolism of each client
  • provide personalized and evidence-based solutions that match individual needs
  • track the development of each client


Industries: Private Equity, Venture Capital, Corporate M&A
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium

"All market information at your fingertips"

Financial analysts can find all quantitative and qualitative information about small- and medium-sized companies with just one click in MergerSpot. Understanding markets, identifying trends and thoroughly analyzing companies can be done with ease. With our Fintech Startup, we are building the new generation of market research software.


Industries: Finance, Consulting
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium
Contact: hello(at)metris.io


"Analyst superpowers for you and your organization"

Automate your research with metris. Create custom data streams and analyses that update themselves, even if they're based on complex questions. Focus on the big picture, not tedious data-gathering.


Industries: ICT, Automative engineering

We are creating a prototyping platform allowing users to fully leverage their UX prototypes by conducting user-behaviour studies with ease at 0 lines of code.


Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Wind energy, Robotics
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium

"Building the first analytics platform to use manufacturing data for quality and process optimization"

Today  production companies have to do product quality improvements manually, by experience and intuition. Existing software tools don’t suit the needs of production environments and would take weeks to answer simple product quality questions. Our platform generates digital twins for each manufactured product containing production data of all machines and sensors used during manufacturing. Our digital product twins enable productions to trace back any quality problems and prevent them next time. We help companies to reduce quality cost and increase flexibility in productions.


Industries: Aerial Imaging, Agriculture, Forestry, Infrastructure Maintenance
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium
Contact: info(at)ocell.aero

Website: www.ocell.aero

"Ocell drastically reduces cost of data for aerial images with a P2P platform for hobby pilots and data customers."

Ocell provides aerial images to customers like farmers and forest owners, who can use this data to detect and prevent problems with their crops, improve yields and safe fertilizers and chemicals.The Ocell sensor module enables high resolutions in various spectral bands, percieving more information than the human eye is able to. Hobby pilots who attach the module to their planes and fly the Ocell routes get compensated for their hobby flight costs for up to 100%. The resulting imagery is cheaper than what drones could deliver and has a better quality and reliability than satellite images.


Industries:Foodtech, Agriculture, Poultry

We are building the ORBEM GENUS, A.I. powered imaging technology, that will solve two problems in the poultry industry: the wasting of 9 billion infertile eggs and the unnecessary killing of 7 billion 1-day-old male chicks. The GENUS combines cutting-edge magnetic resonance imaging with advanced deep learning to automatically sort eggs according to their fertility status or gender. Our novel, patented technology is making a difference with a triple bottom line strategy:

  • People – We’re feeding the world by introducing billions of eggs into the global food market.
  • Planet – We’re preventing the unnecessary killing of billions of 1-day-old male chicks, reducing food waste and energy consumption along the way.
  • Profit – We’re creating new revenue streams, increasing hatchery productivity and efficiency, and dramatically reducing incubation costs


Industries: B2B Enterprise Software
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium

We developed a smart platform for B2B business relations between purchasers and sales representatives. The platform offers an automated and easy process to identify, match and bring suitable business partners into contact. It accelerates supplier search and common RFX processes to help companies build competitive supply chains.


Industries: Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and beverages
Contact: info(at)qyobo.com


B2B Marketplace and Big Data Platform for the pharmaceutical industry.


Industries: Natural Science Education, Contextualized & Applied Learning
Contact: reversed.edu(at)gmail.com

Website: https://www.thinkmakestart.com/reversed/

“We are enabling contextualized and hands-on teaching through a modular drone as a learning platform supported by an intuitive lesson planner for teachers.“

We provide a modular drone as a learning platform for 8th - 10th grade Maths & Physics education at German High Schools to enable hands-on and contextualized classes. By dissembling the drone into different experiments, isolated physical concepts as e.g. the balance of forces can be demonstrated and the learnings can be reintroduced into an understanding of the functionalities of the drone. The drone is supported by a web accessible lesson planner with extensive teaching material readily available to the teacher.


Industry: Mobility
Support: EXIST-Gründerstipendium
Lukas Mohs

RideBee is developing a carpooling application to share trips in the daily commute to work. The platform is offered as SaaS to companies, where employees are using the service without commission. The goal is to create long-term carpools. Vehicle costs are split fairly among driver and passengers.