Spin-off team at the Entrepreneurship Center in Garching
Spin-off team at the Entrepreneurship Center in GarchingImage: Andreas Heddergott

TUM Entrepreneurship Center

The Entrepreneurship Center offers extensive services to technology-oriented entrepreneurs, from their initial ideas to the growth phase. TUM and its affiliate UnternehmerTUM Institute are housed together on the Garching campus to provide a one-stop-shop for these services.

Services offered

  • Start-up advice

  • Training

  • High-tech workshop (MakerSpace), equipped to build prototypes and carry out small batch production.

  • Entrepreneurship – Research: Professors from the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute (ERI) combine practical experience, research and teaching

  • Office space and workspace clusters for those interested in founding a business and start-ups in the TUM Incubator


TUM entrepreneurs are given offices and workspaces as well as counselling, all of which are freely available. This allows us to provide support for start-ups in preparation for founding in order to successfully bring their ideas to market.



The future of agriculture
Acrai has the vision to make agriculture more sustainable & efficient. In a first step, we aim to disrupt the $26B herbicides industry by enhancing state-of-the-art mechanical weeding methods with deep learning based computer vision 


  • Agricultural Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence



ATR Biofluide

We make ATR Infrared Spectroscopy ready for use in clinics
ATR infrared spectroscopy is a widely used technology to analyze samples of various kinds. A key component is the sample carrier. It is made of diamond and is therefore very expensive (approx. 5000 €). We change this using semiconductor technologies. Our product is a low-cost, disposable sample carrier (approx. 5–10€) with a very high signal enhancement.  Promising applications are for example high-throughput screenings and bringing blood analysis by infrared spectroscopy into clinic 


Life Science, Medtec, Biotec

Alexaner Geißler,  info@atr-elements.com


ecomply (ex AccessChain)

We automate GDPR compliance
emolve provides people a browser-based application, which enables them to prepare for presentations by means of an ordinary microphone and camera, pre-installed in a laptop.  The recorded presentation is analyzed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) regarding its verbal (e.g., speech, voice) and non-verbal expressions (e.g., gesture, facial expressions) to provide user feedback, in order to help users to improve their communication. 


  • Compliance