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Cairo skyline. Photo: iStockphoto/Ugurhan Betin
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Networking hub for TUM partnerships in the Middle East and North AfricaTechnische Universität München opens new office in Cairo

With the opening of its "TUM.Cairo" office, the Technische Universität München (TUM) expands its worldwide network to the Middle East and North Africa. The TUM.Cairo office is a hub for networking and mutual knowledge transfer between one of Europe's top universities and its partners in the region. It is collocated with other leading institutions at the German Science Centre (DWZ) in Cairo, Egypt.

In opening TUM.Cairo, the TU München is building on long-standing regional collaborations in research, education, entrepreneurial ventures, and engineering. TUM's strategy calls for innovative approaches to major societal challenges that transcend boundaries of all kinds — such as energy, infrastructure, natural resources and nutrition, topics that are among the prime prospects for cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa. Key missions here include facilitating research and industrial collaborations, recruiting top students and doctoral candidates, and cultivating a dynamic alumni network.

The opening of the Cairo office also advances a strategic program of internationalization that won renewed recognition and support earlier this year through the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments. The university's global presence includes offices in Boston (USA), Beijing (People's Republic of China), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Mumbai (India), and Brussels (Belgium). The first research campus ever established by a German university abroad — the German Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), founded in 2002 in Singapore — celebrates its tenth anniversary this week.

In all of its activities, TUM.Cairo aims to enhance intercultural understanding. "For science and technology to have a positive impact in the world," says TUM President Wolfgang Herrmann, "there must first be open communication and mutual respect between the scientific community and society at large. And when international partners join together to address global challenges, the additional dimension of respect and understanding among people of different cultures is paramount."

On Nov. 12, TUM.Cairo is joining its fellow institutions — led by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) — in welcoming the public to the German Science Centre (DWZ) for an open house program with the theme, "German Science Day." On Nov. 13 Germany's foreign minister, Dr. Guido Westerwelle, will take part in an official opening ceremony for the DWZ in Cairo.

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