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"GOCE" verglüht über dem Südatlantik über den Falkland-Inseln - Foto: Bill Chater
"GOCE" verglüht über dem Südatlantik über den Falkland-Inseln - Foto: Bill Chater
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ESA-Satellite "GOCE" mapped variations in Earth’s gravity

Research satellite "GOCE" decends back to earth

After having collected a great set of data on the gravity field of the earth, in the night from Sunday to Monday TUM's satellite project "GOCE" came to its scheduled end with the reentry of the satellite into the earth's atmosphere.

According to ESA satellite "GOCE" reentered the earth's atmosphere shortly after 1:00 CET on November 11. Heading to Antarctica it passed eastern Siberia and western Australia on its last orbit. No damage to property has been reported.

On its journey the satellite sent an excellent set of data back to earth that helped map the earth's field of gravitiy in unprecedented detail.

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