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At TranslaTUM interdisciplinary teams of engineers, scientists and clinicians will work together to quickly “translate” research findings into practical applications, hence the name TranslaTUM. (Picture: doranth post architekten GmbH)
At TranslaTUM interdisciplinary teams of engineers, scientists and clinicians will work together to quickly “translate” research findings into practical applications, hence the name TranslaTUM. (Picture: doranth post architekten GmbH)
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Topping-out ceremony at new TranslaTUM central instituteTUM sets the next milestone in biomedicine

Translational cancer research will be the focus of the new TranslaTUM central institute at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The topping-out ceremony for the new research building (investment volume of approx. EUR 60 million) has just taken place. Biomedical research connects at all three TUM locations. Located on the clinic campus in Bogenhausen, TranslaTUM will provide interdisciplinary teams bringing together engineers, scientists and clinicians with the ideal environment to quickly “translate” research findings into practical applications (diagnostics, therapies), hence the name TranslaTUM. The Chair of Medical Sensor Technology, a position which is in the process of being filled, will also be based at the new central institute to ensure full integration into clinical practice.

The German federal government is financing the new research center to the tune of EUR 24 million thanks to the approval of the expert committee of the German Council of Science and Humanities – which was impressed with the potential cross-regional reach of the TranslaTUM concept – and the excellent caliber of the scientists involved. The founding director of the new central institute is the renowned nuclear medicine scientist Prof. Markus Schwaiger.

TranslaTUM is part of an overarching concept which the university is implementing step-by-step. Biomedical research activities are being expanded and interlinked across all three main TUM campuses. In addition to TranslaTUM, there is the Bavarian Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center (Garching), the TUM Center for Functional Protein Assemblies (CPA) (Garching) and the Klaus Tschira Foundation’s Multiple Sclerosis Research Center (Munich). TUM’s MUNICH SCHOOL OF BIOENGINEERING is an integrative research center that provides a common teaching and research platform for all relevant medical engineering activities across different departments, including imaging technologies.

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Am 23. September unterzeichneten Vertreter der TUM und der  Klaus Tschira Stiftung den Vertrag über die Förderung für das neue Forschungszentrum: v.l.n.r.: Harald Tschira, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der Klaus Tschira Stiftung; Beate Spiegel, Geschäftsführerin der Klaus Tschira Stiftung, Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, Präsident der TUM. (Foto: A. Eckert / TUM)

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