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Students of architecture at TUM
Architecture studies at TUM have been awarded top marks. (Photo: Astrid Eckert / TUM)
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CHE university ranking compares study conditions in GermanyTop Rating for Architecture at the TUM

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has been awarded top marks for the study of architecture in the new rankings of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE). Seven TUM subject areas were assessed during this round of evaluations. The ranking is based mainly on the assessment of students.

The Technical University of Munich has been awarded top marks for the study of architecture in Germany. The university features in the top group in the “Overall study situation”, “Courses offered”, “International orientation” and “Graduations in appropriate time” categories, positioning the faculty as excellent choice for students. The mandatory year abroad as part of the eight-semester basic training is perceived as a particularly positive aspect of the course.

The TUM is represented in the top group in many categories. Chemistry scores well in the “Overall study situation” and “Graduations in appropriate time” categories, among others. Engineering Science at the Munich School of Engineering (MSE) also performed very well in many categories as in “Study organization” and “IT-infrastructure” for example. Likewise, Civil and Environmental Engineering ranks as one of the top performers in a number of categories including “International orientation” and “Doctorates per professor”. Electrical and Computer Engineering scores high in a number of areas, including research and “Contact to professional practice”. Biology also features in the top group for several categories such as “Study organization” and “Teaching of specialist skills”, while Mechanical Engineering performs well in areas including “Courses offered” and “Equipment and state of laboratory workstations”.

The CHE assessed more than 300 universities. The aim of this most comprehensive ranking in the German-speaking world is to support potential students in their choice of university. Students are surveyed and various indicators related to teaching and research are included in the ranking. The universities are categorized in top, middle and bottom groups for around 30 categories.

Europe’s best graduates after Cambridge and Oxford

In the past CHE rankings, students already awarded the TUM good grades for the conditions of study in the subjects Management, Mathematics, Medicine, and Information Systems.

Other rankings such as the Global Employability University Ranking regularly underscore the excellent education that TUM graduates receive also by international comparison. The Global Employability University Ranking surveys around 5,000 managing directors in companies located in 20 countries throughout the world. Most recently, the TUM achieved eleventh place in this ranking, positioning it as Europe’s third best university after Cambridge and Oxford.

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