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TUM-Präsident Wolfgang A. Herrmann begrüßt Ministerpräsident Horst Seehofer auf dem Campus Garching.
TUM-Präsident Wolfgang A. Herrmann begrüßt Ministerpräsident Horst Seehofer auf dem Campus Garching. (Bild: A. Heddergott / TUM)
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Cabinet meeting at TUM IAS: New center for robotics, artificial intelligence and digital medicine

Bavaria invests in digital research and teaching at TUM

The Bavarian State Government has adopted the "Bayern Digital II" master plan. The plan foresees the establishment of a worldwide leading center for assistance robotics together with the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the expansion of the fortiss institute into the Bavarian Center for Artificial Intelligence and the founding of a scientific alliance for digital medicine among the Bavarian university hospitals. The cabinet held its meeting at the TUM Institute for Advanced Study (IAS).

The investment program, planned to last from 2018 until 2022, will have a volume of approximately three billion Euros and 2,000 jobs. It covers ten areas of digitalization, from infrastructure and IT security to education, medicine, and technologies in a large number of economic sectors and aspects of life.

The cabinet invited TUM President Wolfgang A. Herrmann and TUM professor emeritus Manfred Broy, President of the Bavarian Digitalization Center, to its meeting at the TUM-IAS as experts. Herrmann called for the international orientation of the master plan.

TUM plays an essential role in "Bayern Digital II", in particular in the context of the following measures:

  • Additional degree programs in the area of human-machine interaction / human-centric engineering
  • Expansion of fortiss to become the Bavarian Center for Artificial Intelligence. Fortiss is a TUM Affiliated Institute for the development of digital technologies.
  • Support for the German Digital Hub Mobility. The German Federal Government recently designated UnternehmerTUM, the Center for Innovation and Business Creation at TUM, as a Digital Hub. Digital Hubs are intended to bring together start-ups, established companies, science and investors.
  • Establishment of a worldwide leading center of excellence for assistance robotics, with TUM as one of two centers of activity
  • Founding of a scientific alliance of Bavarian university hospitals in the area of digital medicine
  • Expansion of the Bavarian Digitalization Center (ZD.B). TUM plays a central role at this Bavarian State institution that focuses on building expertise in research and industry, promoting start-ups and networking science and business.

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Mit neuen dynamischen Zertifikaten wollen die Wissenschaftler des NGCert-Konsortiums Cloud-Anbieter sicherer machen. (Bild: H. Krcmar, C. Eckert, A. Roßnagel, A. Sunyaev, M. Wiesche)

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Friedrich L. Bauer (links) und Franz Schweiggert vor der Programmgesteuerten Elektronische Rechenanlage München, 1954.

TUM celebrates 50 years of Informatics in Munich

Ranked as one of the best universities worldwide for computer sciences, the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has played an important role in the Bavarian capital’s transformation into a leading European and global tech...

Entrepreneurship Center auf dem Campus Garching

UnternehmerTUM declared a Digital Hub

UnternehmerTUM, the Center for Innovation and Business Creation at TUM, has been declared Digital Hub Mobility by German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel. UnternehmerTUM is thus one of the first five...

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Siemens gründet auf dem Campus Garching der TUM einen neuen Forschungsstandort. Dort sollen über 100 Wissenschaftler von Siemens Seite an Seite mit Forschern der TUM zusammenarbeiten. (Foto: A. Heddergott / TUM)

Siemens research center coming to Garching

Siemens is to build a new research center at the high-tech campus run by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Garching. Over 100 Siemens researchers will work alongside TUM scientists, CEO Joe Kaeser announced on...