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A new building is being constructed on the Garching research campus in which well over 700 SAP SE and TUM employees can conduct joint research.
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TUM and SAP seal research and development partnership with construction of new building on the Garching CampusEuropean hub for data and information technologies

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) and SAP SE are launching a long-term research partnership at the Garching Campus to jointly advance the technological revolution of digitization. This is Germany's most extensive research and development partnership between a company and a university, focusing on the core topics of artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as their secure application.

SAP Co-CEO Christian Klein, Science Minister Bernd Sibler, and TUM President Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann (from left) after signing the cooperation agreement.
SAP Co-CEO Christian Klein, Science Minister Bernd Sibler, and TUM President Prof. Thomas F. Hofmann (from left) after signing the cooperation agreement.
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"By joining forces with TUM, we are building an important bridge between science and business. TUM conducts world-class research and enjoys an excellent reputation in computer science and business informatics. We are therefore looking forward to further intensifying our cooperation with TUM. This creates added value for both partners andwill boost Munich's competitiveness, while creatingnew opportunities for talented people," said Thomas Saueressig, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE for SAP Product Engineering.

As part of the “Industry on Campus” strategy, the research and development activities of TUM and SAP SE will be bundled under one roof to capture synergy effects for both partners. In the coming years, a new building will be constructed on the Garching Campus, giving well over 700 SAP and TUM researchers the opportunity to carry out joint research at one site. “This top-class partnership combines the leading competences from science and industry in a unique way. Together, we are spearheading the technological revolution of digitization and supporting the high-tech agenda of the state of Bavaria. With this first ‘Industry on Campus’ initiative, we are setting the largest milestone to date in the implementation of our TUM AGENDA 2030 within the framework of the federal and state Excellence Strategy in Germany,” says Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Hofmann, President of TUM.

Cooperating in key areas of the future

Location of the planned new building on the Garching campus.
Location of the planned new building on the Garching campus.
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With researchers in the fields of informatics and information systems, the partners will work on innovative technological solutions in the areas of production and procurement, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things, robotics, big data, cloud computing, and mobility. In addition, new degree and doctoral programs will help to prepare the next generation of students for the rapidly evolving challenges of the future. “With the new building for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, the development of a new research facility for the TUM Center for Quantum Engineering, the recently established Munich Data Science Institute, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security, the Garching campus uniquely combines scientific excellence with economic application. Strengthened by the cooperation between TUM and SAP SE, a leading European hub for research and teaching in data and information technology is now emerging,” says Prof. Hofmann.

Bavaria’s Science Minister Bernd Sibler emphasizes: "This strategic research partnership is a great benefit for Bavaria as a center for science and technology. The future research cluster of TUM and SAP, focusing on the key areas  of information technology and business informatics  supports the technology offensive described by the Bavarian Minister President Dr. Markus Söder with  the ,Hightech Agenda Bayern’. With this step, TUM is proving once more thatprogressive thinking, innovative strength, and openness to new structures are the basis of its success. This demonstrates how an entrepreneurial university can make the best possible use of its potential and decisively advance research in key areas of the future."

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