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Applying for a Bachelor's Degree Program
Step by Step

You would like to apply for a bachelor’s degree program at the Technical University of Munich (TUM)? Here, you will find all the information you need.

The same process applies to teaching degrees and orientation programs.

Important notes for international applicants

This globe highlights the aspects you need to pay special attention to when applying with an international higher education entrance qualification.

1. Prepare your application

2. Apply via TUMonline

Please note: When applying for degree programs with restricted admission (Numerus Clausus) you need to register with www.hochschulstart.de before applying via TUMonline.

For all other programs, the first step is the application via our portal TUMonline. Our application wizard will guide you step by step through the online application procedure. All data submitted electronically needs to be verified by paper-based documents. So at the end of the online application, you will receive an application for admission as well as a personalized list of required documents. Both the signed application for admission and the relevant documents need to arrive at TUM has hardcopies before the designated deadline.

3. Submit your documents

The admission or enrollment application form will be automatically generated at the end of the online application process, as well as a list with all required documents

Depending on the degree program, the required documents include:

Please send your signed admission or enrollment application formas well as all required documentsto the address stated in the application. Your application documents need to arrive at TUM within the application period. We cannot accept submissions of the application form via fax, scan etc. When sending documents via post, always be aware of the mail delivery time. Particularly when sending documents from abroad, we recommend using a track & trace service.

The submission deadlines can be found on the pages of the degree programs. All documents not originally issued in German or English need to be translated.

You must submit a full set of application documents each time you apply, including notarized certificates. TUM does not assume any liability for unsolicited original certificates. Please note that all application materials are digitalized and destroyed after the end of the application period.

More information:

4. We review your documents

Your application will be reviewed as soon as all required documents have arrived at TUM in time. Due to the high number of applications we receive, this may take several weeks. You can check the status of your application any time in your TUMonline Account.

Learn more about the status options shown in TUMonline.

The next steps of your application process depend on the type of admission procedure required by your chosen degree program. 

4.1 Degree programs with Aptitude Assessment

If your desired degree program is subject to aptitude assessment, a two-step procedure will follow:

  • First, your grade point average and subject-specific grades will be evaluated using a point system. Which grades are evaluated and how they are weighted depends on the degree program. Each program has a set of regulations that defines the formula to be used.

  • Depending on the amount of points accumulated, yourare either immediately admitted, rejected or invited to a 20 minute admissions interview conducted by the department or school.

Please note: Other than with the Numerus Clausus programs, the number of spots available is not fixed. We accept all applicants we regard as qualified. As such, no lotteries will be held after final selections have been made, and there will be no list of alternatives for unsuccessful applicants to claim unwanted spots.

4.2 Degree programs with Aptitude Recommendation

If your desired degree program is subject to aptitude recommendation, a two-step procedure will follow. It is designed to support students in choosing the degree program best suited to their interests and abilites.

  • First, your grade point average and subject-specific grades will be evaluated using a point system. Which grades are evaluated and how they are weighted depends on the degree program. Each program has a set of regulations that defines the formula to be used.

  • Depending on the amount of points accumulated, you are either immediately admitted or invited to a mandatory, 20 minute interview carried out by the department or school.

The result of the interview determines whether you receive a recommendation for the degree program. The purpose of the recommendation is to help you select the right program – it is, however, no mandatory requirement for admission.

4.3 Unrestricted Degree Programs

As soon as all required documents have beenreceived on time and in the correct form, as well as processed by the TUM, applicants will receive an acceptance letter by email. There is no seperate admission procedure.

4.4 Restricted Programs - Numerus Clausus (NC)

NC degree programs have a fixed number of spots available. A spot will be awarded primarily based on the applicant's grade point average and the amount of time the student has been waiting for a spot.

This amount of time is defined as the number of semesters that have elapsed since completion of secondary studies and in which the applicant has not been enrolled in a German university. Applicants who are not admitted are automatically put on a waitinglist. You may, therefore, be admitted at a later date if a spot is rejected by another student. 

NC program eligibility will be based on the results of the past years. The grade point average of the last person to have been admitted constitutes the NC standard for the next application phase. 

The process of application and admission for degree programs with NC is coordinated via the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure. There is a different online application process in these cases. 

5.1 We notify you about your admission

You will receive an email confirmation of your admission to a degree program at TUM. The offer of admission will also appear in your TUMonline Account. So be sure to check your mail and your account regularly.

5.2 Accept your spot

Please accept your admission offer as soon as possible! You can do this in your TUMonline Account. If you don’t accept, you will not be enrolled.

For degree programs with restricted admission (NC): You have to fulfil the conditions for enrollment within a 14-day period after you receive the offer for admission. This means accepting your spot, paying the semester fee and completing all documents for enrollment (see step 6).

Upon accepting your admission offer, you will have the option to download your admission notification in TUMonline .

You have received an admission offer, but due to some reason have to postphone the start of your studies? Here you will find everything you need to know about reserving your spot.

6. Complete your documents

Enrollment is the step that makes you a student of TUM. In order to be enrolled, you need to submit all documents required for enrollment.

The respective documents can be found in your TUMonline account, the deadlines are listed in the info pages about our degree programs

7. Pay the semester fees

After accepting your admission offer, please pay the semester fees.

All information you need about student union fees and the bank transfer process can be found in your TUMonline Account.

8. Be enrolled at TUM

As soon as 

  • all documents are registered and labeled as correct in your TUMonline Account
  • you accepted an offer of admission,
  • and transfered your student union fees,

you will be enrolled at TUM and notified by email. Please remember to check your TUMonline Account regularly to keep up-to-date. For technical reasons it may take up to 24 hours until your status of enrollment is verified in your account.

If you have received a letter of admission for a restricted degree program with dialogue-oriented service procedure (NC) you need to fulfil all conditions for enrollment (see above, steps 5.2 to 7) within 14 days after the admission was issued. 

After enrollment you can download your student documents in your TUMonline Account. These include

  • proof of enrollment
  • certificates for local public transportation,
  • confirmation of payment of fees.

9. Pick up your Student Card

The student card is student I.D., travel ticket for Munich’s public transportation system (MVV), library card and electronic payment card - and therefore an important prerequisite for studying at TUM.

Where and when to get your Student Card

10. What's next?

Congratulations - your studies can now begin. Ahead of the first lecture there are still things to be taken care of: From registering at the university library to finding a place to live. Here you will find valuable tips and services to help you get started.

Any questions?

Please refer to TUM’s extensive advisory service anytime.