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Application via TUMonline

Application for bachelor's programs after Studienkolleg

Please carefully read our general information on the online application before applying for a program. 

You cannot edit personal data after creating a TUMonline account, and it is usually not possible to exchange files you have uploaded during the online application. So please check the information you provide carefully in order to avoid problems during your application at TUM. 

More info about modifying data in your online application

1. Start of Course

Please select the semester you would like to apply for. Please note that you can only apply for courses that are offered in the respective semester. 

2. Select your Degree Program

Select bachelor’s program under Type of Studies. Under Intended degree you need to select the type of degree corresponding to the program you are applying for – i.e. Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, etc.

Degree program lets you choose the specific program you wish to apply for. Entrance semester is always 1 if you apply for your first degree program. Please note that you can only choose degree courses which allow an application for the semester you have chosen. You can find the deadlines here. 

If this is the first undergraduate program you apply for, choose Entrance semester 1

Form of studies is usually First degree

3. Personal Data

This is where you can check the personal data you have entered upon registration. If you discover an error, please correct it in writing on your printed application (step 15) – you cannot change your personal data at this point.

If there is an error in your personal data, please enter corrections by hand on the printed application form. The Registrar's Office will enter your corrections after receiving your application documents.

4. Correspondence Address

Here you will be asked to give the address you currently receive your mail at. If your current address is the same as your home address, indicate this by marking the field below the input mask.

5. Higher Education Entrance Qualification

This step refers to your qualification for higher education in Germany. Please select I have obtained a foreign higher education entrance qualification. This includes an International Baccalaureate Diploma and Studienkolleg (...). 

As for the grade, please only enter the information from your Zeugnis über die Feststellungsprüfung.

If you have applied for Studienkolleg via TUM, this mask will still contain the information from your previous application, i.e. the grades from the qualification obtained in your home country. You cannot change this at this point. Please make a note on the printout of your application (step 15) indicating that you have completed the Studienkolleg. We will then correct the grades for you. 

6. Academic Background

If you have checked either I have already studied at a university/college before (step 2) or wish to enter a degree program in an advanced stage of study, you need to fill in the details here. Otherwise you can skip this step.

Under Intended degree, please state the type of degree you hold or are to be awarded upon graduation (e.g. Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts etc.). Under Form of studies select first degree.

1st subject under Major refers to the name of the respective degree course. You can leave 2nd and 3rd subject empty if they do not apply to you.

Under Semester, enter the dates in which you completed this degree program, i.e. the semester/year in which you began under from and the semester/year in which you completed your studies under to. Leave the other fields (Leaves of absence, practicum, clinic internship, interruptions) empty.

Under Status, fill out the section Final examination. Here, select passed on the whole.

Under Grade, enter your final grade point average as indicated on your degree transcript.

Under Date, enter the date of issue of your transcript or degree. 

7. Further Information

This form is optional. Here you have the opportunity to provide us with additional information relevant to your application and your suitability for the degree program for which you are applying. Please note that you will have to supply proof of any further qualifications together with your Application for admission or for Enrollment (step 15)

8. Grades

For some degree programs, we require further information about subject-specific grades. Please only enter grades from your Zeugnis über die Feststellungsprüfung. 

For programs with Aptitude Recommendation or Aptitude Assessment, both the grades from your Zeugnis über die Feststellungsprüfung as well as from your qualification for higher education from your home country (e.g. your secondary school diploma) will be considered equally.  

9. Passport Style Photo

Please upload a digital passport-style photo in which you can be easily identified. If you are admitted to the university, this photo will be used for your StudentCard.

10. Passport - ID

Please upload a copy of your valid passport or ID.

You have the right to black out the issuing office, the serial number and the ID number. 

11. Complete and Current Resumé

We require a complete and current curriculum vitae in tabular form without any chronological gaps up to the month of your application at TUM. 

If you have already applied to TUM in the past, we will require an updated CV nonetheless. 

12. Letter of Motivation

Upload your Letter of Motivation. 

13. Language Skills

This is where you state which kind of proof of your language skills you will submit with your application.

If you apply with a Zeugnis über die Feststellungsprüfung, you may use it to prove your German skills, provided it lists German as examination subject. 

14. Confirm and Submit your Application

This overview allows you to check the data you have given. To make changes, go back through the application using the back button. Certain entries, such as your personal data and the chosen degree program, cannot be changed at this point.

Please confirm that the information given is correct by checking the box. You can then send your online application. If you cancel the process at this point, your entries are saved and you can submit the online application at a later time.

You need to submit your online application for TUM to consider it. 

15. Status and Application for Admission or Enrollment

By sending your online application you have completed the first step towards studying at TUM.

You can view the status of your application in your TUMonline account. Here you can also download and print your Application for admission or for enrollment.

You need to download, print and sign this application, and send it to the address given in the application. This application form has to be submitted via mail – digital versions cannot be accepted. This is necessary for TUM to consider your application.

16. What's next?

The Office for Admission and Enrollment will review your application documents after receipt of both your online and hardcopy submissions.

Depending on the degree program and its admission procedures, your documents will be forwarded to the relevant school or department. Due to the high number of application this process takes some weeks.

You can always check the status of your application in your TUMonline account.

If you have any questions, our Service Desk and the TUM Hotline are happy to help.