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Beginning a Degree Program

When beginning a degree program, there are a lot of details to get in order. Read on to learn about what to put on your ToDo list. We'd also like to give you an overview of the TUM and make you aware of some of the most important terms you'll be hearing during your studies at the TUM.

To all newcomers! Many departments at TUM present their services and support for students at the service fair Fit for TUM on October 2nd 2019.

What types of introductory courses are offered? Where can I pick up my student I.D.? How do I register for a library card? Consult this checklist for an overview of the start of your program. More

What is a Faculty and which Faculties are there at the TUM? How is the university organized and what role does the Dean play? Everything you need to know about your university can be found here. More

Want to refresh your math skills?

The TUM offers preparatory math courses. Click here for more information.

Studying in Weihenstephan? Learn more about the pre-study courses in mathematics and physics at the TUM School of Life Sciences

Visit the homepage of your departmentto find out more about their orientation programs.

IT Introduction for New Students

Everything you need to know about IT Support and Systems at TUM

APSO, ASTA, ECTS, FPSO – It's all Greek to you? The "Academic Programs" glossary provides clarity in a jungle of odd jargon. More