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TUMitfahrer App:

Shared Location-Commuting

Would you like to travel from one TUM-site to another quickly? With the TUMitfahrer App, you can. The new app for iPhones and Android smart phones provides shared journeys between Munich, Garching and Weihenstephan to help TUM students and staff to commute between the different locations.

For instance, it is possible to arrange a subsequent ride to the city center while still at a lecture in Garching. The app can only be used by TUM students and staff, so the person driving won’t have to give a lift to strangers. A small fee can be negotiated to cover the costs.

The TUMitfahrer App was voluntarily developed within a project of the TUM Junge Akademie. It was thought up by a team of seven students from different courses of studies, coordinated by Martin Rothbucher and Prof. Klaus Diepold (TUM Department of Data Processing). It will be operated as a temporary field trial until autumn of 2013.