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Dear Applicants,

during the end of september and the middle of october we are going to send out the first e-mail confirmations.
If you received the e-mail confirmation you have to accept the scholarship within one week.

If you don´t accept the scholarship on time your claim expires. That´s why you should check your e-mail account more often.
You can also check up the application portal and look up your status.

After your acception of the scholarship we will check your study status again. If everything is alright you will receive a letter of confirmation via post.

In the following weeks we will also send out the e-mail confirmations of the applicants on the waiting list.
Please be aware that any questions about your status can´t be answered. The last scholarships will be awarded until the end of october. Rejections will be sent out afterwards.

The first payment for october will be transferred at the end of october. For the following months the payments will be transferred at the beginning of each month.

Please Note: You can log-in at the application at any time. There you will see that your datas are locked. Only if you have received the e-mail confirmation your account will be unlocked and you can accept the scholarship and change your informations. After that you won´t receive another e-mail. You will see a note on your account that your datas have been succesfully changed.

Please be aware the acception of your scholarship doesn´t mean that you have automatically received a confirmation of your study place. If you received a confirmation for the scholarship and a rejection for your study place your claim expires.

Deutschlandstipendium: how to apply

Important facts for uploading your documents

Can I apply although my TUM application is still pending?

Yes. Everybody who intends to enroll at TUM for a full program the upcoming winter term can apply. Instead of your GPA at TUM we will need your B.Sc. certificate and final grade or high school diploma and final grade, etc. 

Cover letter

  • Length: max. 1-1,5 page
  • content: explain why you should get the scholarship
  • Important in special cases: Please describe all informations in your applications (for example: social engagement, personal circumstances) in detail.
  • If you already got the German National Scholarship in the past you can report from your experience


  • updatet resumé (1-2 pages)

Certificate of performance

If you are currently applying for a Bachelor´s Degree Programs at the TUM please type in your higher education entrance qualification (HZB) into the online application. If your higher education entrance qualification (HZB) is from a foreign country please use the same "uni-assist-grade" as for the application of the Bachelor´s degree programm on TUMonline.

If you are currently applying for a Master´s Degree Programs at the TUM please type in your B.Sc. degree. If the grade is not available yet please type in your average grade on your transcript of records.
IF your Bachelor degree is not from the EU or is from a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss please type in your "uni-assist-grade".

If you are currently enrolled at the TUM all credits until WiSe 18/19 will be considered. Only grades which are mandatory according to the examination regulations of your study course will be considered.

Other Documents

for example if you ticked "yes" at the online application you can upload following certificates:

  • Confirmation volunatry social commitment
  • awards
  • medical certificates
  • BAföG
  • Working contract
  • ....

Most of the aspects can only be considered if the certificates are attached.

Please don´t send any requests about the German National Scholarship to the Secretary of your department or institute. Don´t ask for reports of your professor because they won´t be considered.

What happens after you submitted your application?

Here you can find more information what happens after your application

Selection Process

The selection process (July-October) is as follows:

  1. Verification of the data provided and automated ranking (departments and GPA).
  2. Evaluation of "other" criteria (in accordance with § 3 StipG, e.g. voluntary social commitment, readiness to take on responsibility, special family circumstances, etc.).
  3. The applications are presented to the selection committee that will then determine a proposal list. The final decision will be made by the Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Müller.
  4. You will receive an e-mail to accept the scholar within 7 days (september-october). If you don´t accept the scholarship you will no longer be entitled to the German National Scholarship.
  5. If you didn´t get any informations yet you are on the waiting list. Please be aware that we can´t give any furthr information about the waitling list.
  6. AFTER the scholarship students have been selected, some of the sponsors will be granted advisors' rights (§ 2 StipG), but only concerning the matching of students and sponsors. For data privacy reasons, TUM will not send student applications to third parties. Selected student motivation letters and CVs can only be accessed at the TUM and subsequent to having signed a non-disclosure agreement. Information on psychological and physical limitations will NOT be made accessible to any third party.
  7. Rejection will be sent out at the end of November via email. You can also look up your status at the application portal.


According to the German Scholarship Law (StipG - German only), private sponsors may appropriate two-thirds of their scholarships to a particular field or course of studies. 

    Non-appropriated scholarships will be distributed proportionally among ALL departments.