How to find accommodation

It’s not easy to find a place to live in Munich – but it’s not impossible either! The Technical University of Munich (TUM) supports students and staff in their search for accommodation, providing personal advice, in-house listings and useful information to ensure that you can quickly find a place to call your own.

TUM's clocktower is reflected by a glass pane.
Apartment listings – just one of the services offered by TUM.Image: Andreas Heddergott

No agency fee: Apartments on offer available to students and staff of the university. Inserting an ad is free for both landlords and prospective tenants. Listings

A group of students looking for apartments online and in the newspaper.
Online or newspaper - make sure your apartment hunt is a success.Image: Uli Benz

Find a place quickly: Our glossary helps you decode classified ads. And you will find helpful links on living expenses and more.
Tips for finding accommodation

Services for international researchers

How to find accommodation: We provide support and advice to international researchers who are new to our university: professors, postdocs and doctoral canidates, including isiting academics.
Make use of our services for finding accommodation

Alley of colourful student bungalows in the Olypmic Village.
The bungalows in the Olypmic Village are some of the most sought-after student residences.Image: Uli Benz

Most of the student halls of residence are run by the Munich Student Union (Studen­ten­werk München). There are also halls run by social and private organizations. The university itself does not run any halls of residence. Halls of residence

3 flatmates on their balcony in their shared flat.
Living and studying together in a shared flat: Just one of many options for students.Image: Uli Benz

Room, apartment, shared flat: Most TUM students and employees find their ac­com­modation privately. Many have made friends for life by opting for a shared flat (known as a WG in German).
Private accommodation

View of Frauenkirche from the Englischer Garten.
The Englisch Garden: One of Europe's largest parks is a popular place for visitors and locals to relax.Image: Albert Scharger

Short-time stay: If you’re only staying for a short time – attending a conference, or while looking for accom­modation – there are plenty of hotels and youth hostels available. Hotels and Youth Hostels

Blicks ins Treppenhaus des denkmalgeschützten Gästehauses der Technischen Universität München in Schwabing.
Blicks ins Treppenhaus des denkmalgeschützten Gästehauses der Technischen Universität München in Schwabing.Image: Astrid Eckert / Andreas Heddergott

For international visiting academics The university can offer a limited number of apartments to international visiting researchers: Guesthouses.