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Management and Innovation

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Der Master in Management and Innovation startet zum Wintersemester 18/19 auch am Bildungscampus Heilbronn. Im Mittelpunkt stehen Management, Innovation, Unternehmertum und Technologie.

Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften


Art des Studiums
  • Vollzeit
  • Weiterbildender Studiengang
Erforderlicher Sprachnachweis Unterrichtssprache
  • Englisch
Art der Zulassung Beginn des Studiums
  • Nur zum Wintersemester möglich
Regelstudienzeit (in Semestern)
  • 4 Semester (Vollzeit)
Credits Kosten

Infos zum Studium

Worum geht es in diesem Studiengang?

Educating the Innovation Managers of the Future is the goal of the four-semester Master in Management & Innovation. The program is aimed at young professionals with first professional experience who would like to bridge the gap between management and technology. As a graduate from this unique English-language program, you will have the exclusive ability to foster innovations within organizations.

Wie ist das Studium aufgebaut?

Choose from two program tracks:

The TUM Track kicks off with courses in general management at TUM Campus Heilbronn*. These are accompanied by courses such as personal and career development, language courses or a mentoring program. During the second semester you have the chance to apply your knowledge in a real-life project at one of the family-run businesses in the Heilbronn-Franken region, gain international experience during a 4-week stay in China, and either complete an internship abroad or take elective modules at TUM Campus Heilbronn*.

The Double Degree Track leads to a double degree from two of Europe’s most renowned universities, TUM and HEC Paris. You spend your first two semesters at HEC Paris taking courses in general management such as Financial Accounting, Marketing or Operations & Supply Chain Management – the Master in Management program at HEC Paris was ranked second in the world by the Financial Times in 2017. These courses are complemented by language classes, networking events and other extracurricular activities.

Whichever track you follow, you spend your third semester in Munich taking course modules such as Innovation Prototyping, Technological Trends and Growth Strategies & Business Models. You further develop your personal and leadership skills and work on a real-life project in a startup or large enterprise in the Munich area. The fourth semester is reserved for writing your Master’s thesis.

In welcher Sprache wird der Studiengang unterrichtet?

Required language skills for admission:

You need sufficient English language skills if you wish to apply for this program. Evidence of your language proficiency has to be submitted before the end of the application deadline. Learn more about recognized certificates and other ways to prove your English language skills.

This evidence of your language proficiency confirms that you comply with the minimum language requirements for admission to the program. Depending on the program and your individual background, it may be necessary for you to keep working on your language skills during your studies. Be sure to take a look at the services of our Language Center.  

Language of instruction:

The language of instruction for this program is English.

Welche Kompetenzen und Fertigkeiten erwerbe ich?

The Master in Management & Innovation teaches you the skills you need to be an ideal innovation manager. It gives you the knowhow to apply those skills in business administration in various technological settings. You will discover how to build smart solutions at the interface of management and technology, and work as part of an international or interdisciplinary team.

You will learn how to:

  • Combine knowledge from different disciplines – business administration, innovation, entrepreneurship – and apply it in key business activities
  • Recognize the potential of innovations and technological trends within organizations and implement them in new business processes
  • Act with an entrepreneurial mindset to define strategies and achieve financial targets
  • Analyze strategic decisions and apply the tools of modern strategic management for successful decision-making
  • Present and communicate professionally

Welche beruflichen Möglichkeiten habe ich mit diesem Abschluss?

After attending this programm, you will be highly attractive for potential employers, since in-depth knowledge at the interface between management and technology is highly in demand in the business world.

Bewerbung und Zulassung

Wie bewerbe ich mich? (Studienstart zum Wintersemester 2019/20)

For more information on the admission criteria, please visit the course homepage.

Wie bewerbe ich mich? (Studienstart zum Sommersemester 2020)

For more information on the admission criteria, please visit the course homepage.

Welche Dokumente muss ich einreichen? (Studienstart zum Wintersemester 2019/20)

    We may require additional documents depending on the type of secondary school diploma you earned and your country of origin (e.g. GRE, GATE, APS). After completing the online application process, you will receive a list of documents you must submit to TUM in hard copy by the application deadline.

    For more information on the required documents, please visit the course homepage.

    Welche Dokumente muss ich einreichen? (Studienstart zum Sommersemester 2020)

      We may require additional documents depending on your educational background and your country of origin. Complete the online application to receive a comprehensive list of the required documents. For more information on the required documents, please visit the course homepage.

      Welche Bewerbungsfristen muss ich beachten? (Studienstart zum Wintersemester 2019/20)

      The application period for winter semester 2018/19 ends on 30.09.2018.

      Wie wählt die TUM die Studierenden aus?

      Wo geht's zur Onlinebewerbung?

      Please contact the Program Manager Nadine Ertel to start the application process.