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Technology Management

Honours Degree

Das Zusatzstudium Technology Management bereitet herausragende Studierende auf Führungspositionen im Management von Spitzentechnologien vor. Das Programm kann flexibel neben dem Hauptstudium absolviert werden. Die Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch.

Center for Digital Technology and Management


Art des Studiums
  • Sonstiges
Erforderlicher Sprachnachweis Unterrichtssprache
  • Englisch
Beginn des Studiums
  • Zum Wintersemester und zum Sommersemester möglich
Regelstudienzeit (in Semestern)
  • 3 Semester (Vollzeit)
Credits Kosten

Infos zum Studium

Worum geht es in diesem Studiengang?

The add-on study program Technology Management prepares highly talented students for future leadership positions in society and industry in the field of high-technology management. Theoretical and methodological knowledge, soft skills, hands-on experience in trend research, product development, marketing, and entrepreneurship is imparted in English language.

Each semester up to 25 students with different study backgrounds ranging from Business Administration over Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to Psychology and Consumer Affairs, and more, get enrolled. During the program students are involved in project- and team-based lectures, seminars, and workshops which reflect the latest business and technology topics of practical relevancy.

Courses are supported by renowned business partners of high-technology and consulting sectors. Excellent education is achieved by the integration of relevant external academic and professional guest lecturers, intense coaching, strong networking, lived interdisciplinarity and highly innovative course formats.

Studies abroad at prestigious partner universities in Asia, Europe, and North America, or an internship abroad is an integral part of the curriculum and emphasizes the high degree of the program’s internationality.

During the course of studies, students learn to act at the interface between high-technology and business. They learn to take the role as effective managers in a dynamic and cross-functional environment, in which technology and business-related questions overlap. On top of all this, students gain access to an active network of academics, professionals, and other highly motivated students.

Wie ist das Studium aufgebaut?

In welcher Sprache wird der Studiengang unterrichtet?

Required language skills for admission:

You need sufficient English language skills if you wish to apply for this program. Evidence of your language proficiency has to be submitted before the end of the application deadline. Learn more about recognized certificates and other ways to prove your English language skills.

This evidence of your language proficiency confirms that you comply with the minimum language requirements for admission to the program. Depending on the program and your individual background, it may be necessary for you to keep working on your language skills during your studies. Be sure to take a look at the services of our Language Center.  

Language of instruction:

The language of instruction for this program is English.

Verbindliche Regelungen zu Studienablauf, Prüfungen und Bewerbung

Bewerbung und Zulassung

Was muss ich zum Bewerbungsverfahren wissen?

Minimum requirements to apply for a Master's program at TUM are a recognized undergraduate degree (e.g. a bachelor’s) and the successful completion of the aptitude assessment procedure. Aptitude assessment allows the TUM school or department to which you are applying the opportunity to evaluate your individual talents and motivation for study.

You must apply online using the TUMonline application portal. After completing the online application process, you will receive a list of documents you must submit to TUM in hard copy by the application deadline.

In detail:

Welche Bewerbungsunterlagen muss ich einreichen?

    • rades and language skills
    • Curriculum Vitae (chronological list of your previous work experience, educational background and international experience)
    • Statement of purpose (a brief statement explaining why you want to take this opportunity and how you think you can benefit from it)
    • Statement of personal and social skills (social commitment, sports, arts, talents)


    Welche Bewerbungszeiträume und -fristen muss ich beachten?

    Application deadline for winter semester: 30.05.
    Application deadline for summer semester: 30.11.

    Wie wählt die TUM die Studierenden aus?

    Every semester, approximately 25 students start their Technology Management studies at CDTM. All students go through a strict selection process consisting of an online written application and the interview round. The two-staged interview process guarantees a high level of qualification of the students admitted to the program.

      Wo geht's zur Online-Bewerbung?

      Online Application via CDTM

      Weitere Tipps und Hinweise für eine erfolgreiche Bewerbung

      Please apply only via the online application tool at: http://www.cdtm.de/education/admissions/

      Written applications will only be accepted with justification!

      Weiterführende Informationen

      You have earned your graduate program Technology Management and are ready to start your career? TUM Alumni & Career can assist you with questions regarding professional orientation, job search and job application.

      If you are interested in continuing your studies,  you will find information of doctoral studies at TUM, here.