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01.02.2016, Research news
Interplay of magnetism, nuclear spin, and superconductivity

Superconductivity in the land of the "heavy fermions"

Prof. Dr. Erwin Schuberth (TUM) and Dr. Marc Tippmann (TUM) with a high performance cryostate at the Walther-Meissner-Institut – Photo: Andreas Battenberg / TUM

An international research team has discovered nonclassical superconductivity at extremely low temperatures in a compound of ytterbium, rhodium, and silicon. The project was a collaboration among physicists of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Walther Meissner Institute of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Garching, the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden, Rice University (Houston, USA), and Renmin University (Beijing, China).

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29.01.2016, Campus news
Another TUM graduate makes it into the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list

Social entrepreneur recognized by Forbes for “OneDollarGlasses”

Jakob Schillinger helps with an eye test for new one-dollar glasses.

US business magazine Forbes has included TUM graduate Jakob Schillinger in its 30 Under 30 Europe list for social entrepreneurs. The 26-year-old is one of the founders of OneDollarGlasses – an organization whose goal is to train opticians in developing countries to make and sell highly affordable glasses. Four entrepreneurs from TUM start-ups had already made it into the science and healthcare category of the Forbes list.

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28.01.2016, Research news
Sub-nanometer catalysts show substantially different behavior than projected

Small is different

Andrew Crampton and Marian Rötzer at their vacuum chamber for production of ultra-small catalyst particles - Photo: Andreas Heddergott / TUM

In the production of margarine millions of tons of unsaturated fatty acids are converted from vegetable oils using hydrogen. While searching for improved catalysts for these so-called hydrogenation reactions, a German-American research team made a discovery that puts a 50-year old rule in question: In catalytic particles comprising only a few atoms, shape and size influence reactivity much more strongly then previously thought.

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27.01.2016, Termin
Presentation of the study "Living, Working and Mobility"

The future of the metropolitan area Munich

Map of the metropolitan area Munich.

Where is housing space needed the most? How do residents feel about the shopping facilities near their living and working spaces? And what can companies do to encourage their employees to stay put? In the study "Living, Working, Mobility", scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) looked into these questions for the metropolian area of Munich. Now they will present the results to the public for the first time.

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27.01.2016, Research news
TUM researchers work on joining techniques for lightweight materials

Seamless union between metals and plastics

Doctoral candidate André Heckert is working with a laser to fuse plastics with metals.

The lighter the better. That is the golden rule, at least in the automobile, aircraft and aerospace industries. Materials like fiber-reinforced plastics and light metals are paving the way for components with lower densities. The firm and secure fusion of different materials poses a major challenge, however, which is why researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) are working on ways to improve joining techniques - for example by laser surface treatments.

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26.01.2016, Campus news
Technical University of Munich honors research on thermoelectric materials

Professor Mercouri Kanatzidis awarded Wilhelm Manchot Professorship

Prof. Kai-Olaf Hinrichsen, Prof. Mercouri Kanatzidis, Prof. W.A. Herrmann, Prof. Thomas Fässler – Photo: Andreas Battenberg / TUM

The Chemistry department of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Jürgen Manchot Foundation have awarded the chemist, Professor Mercouri Kanatzidis, the 2015 Wilhelm Manchot Research Professorship. With this accolade, the TUM honors his pioneering work on thermoelectric materials.

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21.01.2016, Campus news
Forbes places TUM graduates on the 30 Under 30 Europe list for science and healthcare

Young innovators from TUM are tops in Europe

They belong to the top "30 Under 30": Alexander Rinke (Celonis), Sinan Denemec, Moritz Knoblauch, and David Fehrenbach (iuvas)

US magazine Forbes has published a list of outstanding achievers in science and healthcare under the age of 30. On the top 30 Under 30 Europe list are four entrepreneurs whose start-ups have received or are currently receiving support from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Sinan Denemec (26), David Fehrenbach (27) and Moritz Knoblauch (27) are working on getting their healthcare company iuvas off the ground at the TUM Entrepreneurship Center and TUM graduate Alexander Rinke (26) is a manager at IT company Celonis. 

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21.01.2016, Research news
Important brain network for processing sensory perceptions elucidated

Sensory function: Thalamus enhances and stores sensory information

The neurons in the cortex are dyed red and the axons in the higher-order thalamus are shown in green. (Picture: R. Mease, M. Metz, A. Groh / Cell Reports, 10.1016/j.celrep.2015.12.026, modified, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Every day, we constantly absorb information through our sensory organs, which the brain then needs to process correctly. The information initially reaches the main relay center, the thalamus, and then travels to the cerebral cortex. The neurons in the so-called higher-order thalamus form the connecting lines between both areas of the brain. Prior to this, their role in sensory processing was unknown. Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have now shown for the first time in an animal model that they enhance and temporarily store sensory information.

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19.01.2016, Campus news
Energy research in the age of digitalization:

Topping-out ceremony for TUM’s Research Center for Energy and Information

With a topping-out ceremony, the university celebrated a milestone in the construction of the new Research Center for Energy and Information on its Garching campus.

The Munich School of Engineering, in which the Technical University of Munich (TUM) bundles its wide-ranging, interdisciplinary energy research, is now taking on a more concrete form: With a topping-out ceremony, the university celebrated a milestone in the construction of the new Research Center for Energy and Information on its Garching campus. The research building, costing 17 million euros and providing approximately 2,300 m2 of floor space, will function as a permanent hub for the MSE. With state-of-the art laboratories, it will be a focus point for energy research at the interfaces between engineering and natural sciences. The center will also integrate the information technologies that promise to deliver the decisive impetus for innovation in energy generation, storage and distribution in the age of digitalization.

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13.01.2016, Campus news
TUM to introduce Massive Open Online Courses for future Master’s students from around the world

Preparing for a Master’s degree with MOOCs

Shooting for the trauma surgery MOOC

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is introducing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to help prospective international students prepare for a Master’s degree at TUM. MOOCs for Masters will be designed so that participants can test their knowledge before applying for their preferred Master’s course and close knowledge gaps they may have. Two years ago, TUM became one of the first German universities to introduce its own MOOCs, which have already been completed by over 100,000 participants in around 160 countries.

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