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01.09.2014, Research news
New study investigates spatial orientation in bats

Zooming in for a safe flight

Dr. Uwe Firzlaff and his team investigated spatial orientation among the pale spear-nosed bat.

Bats do not use sight to navigate when flying. Instead, they emit ultrasound pulses and measure the echoes reflected from their surroundings. They have an extremely flexible internal navigation system that enables them to do this. A new study published in Nature Communications shows that when a bat flies close to an object, the number of active neurons in the part of a bat’s brain responsible for processing acoustic information about spatial positioning increases. This information helps these masters of flight to react rapidly and avoid obstacles.

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28.08.2014, Research news
Improved technology enables the measurement of solar neutrinos

Physicists observe the creation of solar energy for the first time ever

The photo shows the Borexino-Detektor and the sun.

For the first time in the history of solar research, scientists have successfully measured solar energy at the instant of creation inside the sun. In the Gran Sasso underground laboratory, physicists of the Borexino Collaboration are for the first time ever directly observing the neutrinos created during the fusion of two hydrogen nuclei and the resultant production of heavy hydrogen. The researchers, including physicists from the Technische Universität München (TUM), are presenting their results in the current issue of "Nature".

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26.08.2014, Research news
TUM historians develop content for the Memorial and Information Point for the Victims of National Socialist “Euthanasia” Killings

Remembrance means to commemorate and to inform

The open-air exhibition that forms part of the Memorial in Tiergartenstraße includes texts, video and audio material. (Image: Ursula Wilms Architekten, Berlin, 2013)

The official handover of the Memorial and Information Point for the Victims of National Socialist “Euthanasia” Killings will take place on 2 September 2014 in Berlin. As part of a knowledge-transfer project entitled “Remembrance means to commemorate and to inform,” which is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), researchers from the Technische Universität München (TUM) developed the historical content for the exhibition and involved the relatives of the victims, historians, and representatives of victims’ initiatives in the process. The open-air exhibition includes facilities for people with visual and hearing impairments and for people with learning difficulties. The presentation also includes video and audio material. The Memorial and Information Point will also provide an online presentation and catalogues in German and English as well as in simple German language in the near future.

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20.08.2014, Research news
Study into the spatial distribution of lynx in eastern Bavaria

Lynx population threatened by poaching

Lynx still live in isolated populations in Central Europe.

Europe’s largest wild cat has returned to the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. However, the lynx in this region live almost exclusively in two adjacent national parks – the Bavarian Forest National Park (Germany) and the Šumava National Park (Czech Republic). Scientists have been investigating why the population has not moved to other regions. Their study shows that poaching is stopping the protected species from expanding into other habitats. These findings have now been published in the scientific journal Biological Conservation.

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19.08.2014, Research news
Lithium batteries come out on top in the search for electrochemical energy storage technologies

Asian inventions dominate energy storage systems

Research production facility for lithium-ion-batteries.

In recent years, the number of patent applications for electrochemical energy storage technologies has soared. According to a study by the Technische Universität München (TUM), the largest volume of applications by far is submitted by developers of lithium batteries. The study offers a first differentiated analysis of which energy storage technologies will be viable in the exit from fossil-fuel energy. In this area, European and US companies are falling behind economically, as Asian companies apply for a substantially higher number of patents.

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18.08.2014, Research news
Scientists discover key signaling path for plant development

How steroid hormones enable plants to grow

The photo shows just how important brassinosteroids are for the development of plants. A deficit of the plant hormone has disrupted growth in the cucumber plant on the right.

Plants can adapt extremely quickly to changes in their environment. Hormones, chemical messengers that are activated in direct response to light and temperature stimuli help them achieve this. Plant steroid hormones similar to human sex hormones play a key role here. In the current edition of Nature Communications, scientists describe a new signaling mode for the brassinosteroid class of hormones

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15.08.2014, Research news
Potential protection against the "Hacienda" intelligence program

TUM researchers develop defense software "TCP Stealth"

Scientists have developed free software that can help to prevent cyberattacks.

Today, a group of journalists has reported the existence of the "Hacienda" spy program. According to this report, five western intelligence agencies are using the Hacienda software to identify vulnerable servers across the world in order to control them and use them for their own purposes. Scientists at the Technische Universität München (TUM) have developed free software that can help prevent this kind of identification and thus the subsequent capture of systems. 

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16.08.2014, TUM in Rankings
Shanghai Ranking: 13th place in chemistry worldwide

TUM is Germany's best technical university

TUM is Germany's best technical university.

In the new edition of the renowned Academic Ranking of World Universities ("Shanghai Ranking"), the Technische Universität München (TUM) occupies 53rd place. This positions TUM as Germany's best technical university by far, and among the top four technical universities in Europe. In the rankings of individual subjects, TUM attained 13th place in chemistry and 30th place in computer science worldwide, ahead of all other German universities.

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13.08.2014, Research news
Chemical reaction yields "tapes" of porphin molecules

Flexible tapes from the nanoworld

Alissa Wiengarten, PhD student at the TUM Department of Physics, heats a porphine powder in a vacuum chamber.

Dr. Wilhelm Auwärter and his team are working on a research project to develop tiny flat molecule tapes at the Department of Physics of Technische Universität München (TUM). These structures could find versatile applications. Via direct coupling on a silver surface, the scientists successfully formed dimers and short chains of porphine molecules without contaminating by-products.

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08.08.2014, Campus news
Over 150 students from 7 programs graduate

TUM Asia celebrates its largest graduating cohort

TUM Asia graduates celebrating

The TUM Asia 2014 Graduation Ceremony marked the conferral of approximately 150 Bachelor and Master degrees, including the commencement of the pioneer cohort from the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering programme, at the branch university’s 11th and largest graduation since its establishment in 2002. “Don’t ever stop asking questions and keep pushing against the boundaries set for you,” said Managing Director of TUM Asia, Dr Markus Wächter.

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