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Lecture theater 1100: Felix Böktergers tutoring in "Higher Mathematics I for Civil Engineers" (Photo: Heddergott).
Lecture theater 1100: Tutorial in "Higher Mathematics I for Civil Engineers"Image: Heddergott

Facts & figures

TUM’s 13 departments provide an excellent environment for research and for the education of 39,081 students, one third of them women. The university has a budget of EUR 1,329 mio., which includes the university hospital. Here you will find key facts and figures about TUM.

TUM at a glance

  • 13 departments
  • 3 Integrative Research Centers
  • 6 Corporate Research Centers
  • 9,846 staff members
  • 165 degree programs
  • 411 buildings

receive a top-class education at TUM. 22% of them come from abroad.

are enrolled at TUM – 34% of all current students.

completed their degree in the academic year 2015. 3,024 of them were women, 1,549 international students.

make up our worldwide alumni network and benefit from TUM's offerings for alumni. Every year, TUM hosts anniversary events for alumni.

research and teach at TUM. Moreover, the university has appointed Adjunct Professors and TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professors.

have joined the TUM ranks (as of: 2016) – a major success in this competition for top international talent.

were awarded by TUM in the academic year 2015. Modernized doctoral degree regulations were published in 2012.

for research and teaching was secured in accounting year 2015 making TUM one of German’s top- ranked universities. 

by TUM academics appeared in peer reviewed journals in 2015 (articles, conference papers, reviews; source: Scopus June 2016).

were made by scientists from TUM in 2014 as a result of their research work.

have been awarded to TUM professors and alumni since 1927, e.g. to Rudolf Mößbauer (Physics) and Ernst Otto Fischer (Chemistry).

have been awarded to TUM scientists since 1987 (as of: 2016). Today's President Wolfgang A. Herrmann received it in 1987.

are furthering the work of TUM scientists (as of: 04/2016). European Research Council (ERC) grants fund for ambitious research projects.

have come from TUM since 1992. Fellow is the highest grade of membership of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

were concluded with companies or other partners for research projects in 2011.

for inventions from TUM researchers were submitted to Patent Offices 2015.

have come from TUM (as of: 2016). The university offers advice and entrepreneurial support.

are currently provided by companies that have grown from our university (as of 2012).

were available to TUM in accounting year 2015 (including the university hospital).

from industry, foundations and private donors was channeled into research and teaching at TUM between 1998 – 2015.

International Outlook

International students
  • 22%

International appointments of professors
  • 124 (2006 - 2015)
TUM’s overseas locations
  • 1 offshore campus: TUM Asia in Singapore
  • 52 with 37 institutions in 17 countries other international offices: Beijing, Brussels, São Paul, Kairo, Mumbai, San Francisco
Double-degree agreements
  • 52 with 37 institutions in 17 countries (as of 10/2015)
Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowships
  • 53 (as of 2015)
Alexander von Humboldt Research Award Winners
  • 13 (as of 2015)


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Corporate Communications Center
80333 München
Phone: +49 (0) 89/289-22778
Fax +49 (0) 89/289-23388