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Research Opportunities Week:
Start a postdoc career at TUM

Image: Astrid Eckert

Once a year the Technical University of Munich (TUM) selects 50 young scientists from all over the world and invites them to the Research Opportunities Week in Munich. During this week, the participants have the opportunity to visit different research facilities at TUM, to meet Professors of their disciplines, to inform themselves about possible postdoc funding opportunities in Germany and to create a scientific network. The Postdoc Mobility Travel Grant funds the stay in full. After the ROW, participants get the exclusive chance to apply for the attractive TUM University Foundation Fellowship (TUFF) and to spend a year as a postdoc at TUM.



  • 8. Research Opportunities Week:
    March 20 to 24, 2017
  • Application Deadline:
    September 30, 2016
  • Application requirements (forthcoming)
  • Online application (open: July 2016)

Via the Research Opportunities Week (ROW) to the TUM University Foundation Fellowship (TUFF)

The Research Opportunities Week is the first part of a two-step-program, which promotes international young academics at TUM. The ROW is organized and carried out by TUM ForTe. The opportunity to apply for the one year TUM University Foundation Fellowship is exclusively offered to the ROW-participants. Mandatory requirement for the application is to find a host professor at TUM. Successful TUFF-applicants receive a one-year funding by TUM and are integrated into a TUM institution of their research field. As a result, the TUM gives the TUFF-fellows the freedom to work on their research profiles and to create a nucleus for new and interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with TUM professors.