Management and Innovation

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Dieser Studiengang richtet sich an Berufseinsteiger, die eine Karriere an der Schnittstelle von Management und Technologie anstreben. Im Mittelpunkt stehen Management, Innovation, Unternehmertum und Technologie. Das Studium findet in Paris und München statt, die Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch.

Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften


Art des Studiums
  • Vollzeit
  • Weiterbildender Studiengang
  • Englisch
Hauptstandorte Art der Zulassung
Beginn des Studiums
  • Nur zum Wintersemester möglich
Regelstudienzeit (in Semestern)
  • 4 Semester (Vollzeit)
Credits Kosten

Infos zum Studium

Worum geht es in diesem Studiengang?

Megatrends, such as growing globalization, new and more complex technologies, increasingly shorter innovation cycles and rising cost pressure are leading constantly to higher requirements that need to be met by intra- and entrepreneurs, as well as by future executive players in businesses.

The aim of the HEC Paris / TUM Master in Management & Innovation is to provide further education to young professionals in the areas of General Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology. With this high-quality double degree, the students gain all the competences they need to become innovation managers and the necessary know-how to apply their skills in business administration in all relevant technological surroundings. They are, therefore, highly attractive to potential employers, since in-depth knowledge at the interface between management and technology is in high demand in the business world.

Wie ist das Studium aufgebaut?

The students in the Master in Management & Innovation spend their first year at HEC Paris and second year at TUM. The curriculum includes classes and internships, as well as the preparation of the Master’s Thesis (either at TUM SOM or HEC Paris).

All courses are given in English, however, French and German language courses are offered at both Institutions.

The M1 year at HEC Paris is dedicated to General Management while the M2 year at TUM focuses on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology. 

Welche Kompetenzen und Fertigkeiten erwerbe ich?

Acquired skills will include: 

  • Connecting knowledge from different disciplines, such as business administration, entrepreneurship and innovation, and applying it effectively in all important business activities.
  • Recognizing the potential of innovations and technological trends in organizations and their implementation in new business processes.
  • Acting with an entrepreneurial mindset to define strategies and achieve financial targets.
  • Analyzing strategic decisions and applying all tools of modern strategic management for successful decision-making.
  • Appropriately applying the right leadership concept in different situations.
  • Recognizing best practices and developing new standards for specific challenges in technology management.
  • Evaluating potential finance and investment projects, taking opportunities and risks into account.
  • Presentation and communication skills.

Welche beruflichen Möglichkeiten habe ich mit diesem Abschluss?

After attending this programm, you will be highly attractive for potential employers, since in-depth knowledge at the interface between management and technology is highly in demand in the business world.

Bewerbung und Zulassung

Was muss ich zum Bewerbungsverfahren wissen?

For more information on the admission criteria, please visit the course homepage.

Welche Bewerbungsunterlagen muss ich einreichen?

We may require additional documents depending on the type of secondary school diploma you earned and your country of origin (e.g. GRE, GATE, APS). After completing the online application process, you will receive a list of documents you must submit to TUM in hard copy by the application deadline.

For more information on the required documents, please visit the course homepage.

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