Start-up mentoring: Benefit from experience for a successful start

The start-up mentoring program organized by Technical University of Munich and UnternehmerTUM provides targeted support for start-ups at TUM in the market entry phase. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the many years of experience our own business magnates have to offer when in the initial stages of starting their companies.


As a mentor, you’ll provide guidance to a start-up project on a voluntary basis for up to 18 months. You’ll contribute with your own experiences and provide targeted feedback. Become a mentor

As a start-up, you can benefit from your mentor’s expertise, not to mention their many valuable business contacts. Start-ups

Team Babo Blue

“As a mentor, I can help entrepreneurs find their way in business with advice, support and my own experiences. I also get to learn a lot about new ideas and young people today. That’s a classic win-win situation for me.”

“We benefit from our mentor’s many years of professional experience and can turn to him for advice any time. What was most helpful to us was Mr. Knippschild’s large network of contacts. He was able to introduce us to valuable partners in the industry. That allowed us to build upon our own network and gain even more expert tips.”


“My role as a mentor to the HEAVN start-up team allows me to bring to bear my 27 years of experience as an entrepreneur. This ends up saving the start-up team from having to take costly or time-consuming ‘detours.’ The advantage I see in the relationship is that I too get to benefit from new ideas and innovations.”

“We benefit in a lot of different ways from our exchanges with our mentor, Siegfried Foerg. As an experienced entrepreneur, he is there to help us with any question we may have. Being able to talk freely with him without having to mince words is something that has been particularly helpful to us along the way.”

“There are so many young scientists and scholars at the university who are passionate about their ideas but have no business experience. But I can help by contributing my own expertise as an entrepreneur, as well as my legal knowledge.” (Alan Solansky, LL.M, intellectual property attorney, Founder of the “Nachtagenten” portal, Legal Angel and mentor to the NavVis start-up team)

“Because our start-up team was already really well positioned, we initially thought we’d have no need of start-up mentoring. But our many talks with Alan Solansky highlighted the areas where we need further guidance for NavVis.” (NavVis start-up team)

“It is so exciting to see the motivations and innovative ideas that develop in a young team in such a short period of time. I can greatly influence them with my own experiences in terms of the direction to take their project, and it’s really nice to see how these young entrepreneurs know how to interpret these experiences and use them to their advantage.”(Christian Wolf, Founder of Wolf Product Management, mentor to the evalu start-up team)

“At evalu, we have benefited greatly from the experience of our mentor, Christian Wolf, in production and marketing in the sports industry. We were also able to take advantage of his contacts in Asian countries, which allowed us to learn how business is conducted there. We get together regularly and look forward to our meetings. They provide us with ongoing feedback and valuable advice for our continued development.”(evalu start-up team)

“Working together with the HomeExx team was inspiring and entertaining and broadened my horizons. What mentoring means to me is primarily working together with motivated and ambitious people and identifying challenges as a sparring partner, ideally making them into issues we can resolve. Time well spent in a mentoring relationship is based precisely on these points.”(Michael Streich, Founder and CEO of BambooVentures GmbH, mentor to the HomeExx start-up team)

“As an experienced entrepreneur and investor who asked us targeted questions and provided constructive feedback, Michael Streich contributed to advancing the strategic direction of our business. His neutral perspective on the company was another good source of helpful discussion whenever we faced difficult situations during the start-up process.” (HomeExx start-up team)

“Being asked for your advice is kind of validating, personally speaking. Speaking with these young entrepreneurs gave me the impetus to think outside my own little box.” (Lars Hoffmann, Founder and CEO of fos4X GmbH, mentor to the Vectoflow start-up team)

“Our exchanges with our mentor gave us a renewed impetus to keep going. It’s great being able to ask someone for advice.” (Vectoflow start-up team)


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