Learn from professionals as you start your business

“How to I even find my first customers?” or “How do I pitch to potential clients?” are common questions that a start-up team may wonder about during that difficult initial phase. Continuous support is important for the success of young businesses. That’s where start-up mentoring comes in. It offers growth-oriented start-up teams the opportunity to receive guidance from professionals on their path to market entry.


  • You’ll benefit from your mentor’s entrepreneurial experience.
  • You’ll gain valuable expertise in handling the challenges posed by the initial phases of starting a business.
  • You’ll be further developing your strategic business planning skills.
  • You’ll expand your network and create long-term partnerships.


You can apply with your start-up if you are studying, conducting research or have graduated from TUM; if you have a business model; and if you are about to embark upon starting your business or entering the marketplace. During an initial consultation with the TUM Start-up Advising team, you’ll discuss the current status of your start-up project and the ideal direction you think your mentoring should take you.

Apply now by sending us a brief profile of your project!


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