Integrated Circuit Design

Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Jointly awarded by TUM and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the program is conducted in Singapore and covers analog to digital and mixed-circuit design over architectural concepts for integrated circuits to design methodology and automation.

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For more information on the application procedure and required documents, please visit TUM Asia.

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Infos zum Studium

The international Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design which is jointly offered by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Technical University of Munich, TUM) aims to educate the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurial leaders for the fast moving semiconductor industry. Changes in integrated circuits (ICs) technology have had a huge impact on our day to day life. Incredible technological advances over the last 50 years enable us to integrate billions of transistors on a single integrated circuit. At the same time the cost of a single transistor has decreased exponentially. The result is that every day, new attractive applications for the use of ICs open up, enabling the semiconductor industry to grow much faster than the overall economy. However, the semiconductor industry’s capability to make intelligent use of all these transistors in designing successful products has not kept pace with the manufacturing capabilities. The electronics and semiconductor industries are therefore constantly looking for well-educated integrated circuit design engineers.

The 2-year full-time Master program includes content that ranges from analog, digital and mixed-circuit design over architectural concepts for integrated circuits to design methodology and automation. Product manufacturing and testing are also addressed. Integrated circuit design is also placed in a broader context, by teaching fundamental concepts of signal processing which are at the core of today’s communications circuits. Students will also be taught essential non-technical topics such as product marketing, international management, patent law and aspects of culture and globalization. This will be mainly done by highly qualified lecturers from the industry.

Required language skills for admission:

An adequate knowledge of the English language; students whose native language or language of instruction is not English must demonstrate proficiency through an acknowledged language test such as “Test of English as a Foreign Language“ (TOEFL) (minimum 100 points), “International English Language Testing System” (IELTS) (minimum 6.5 points), or “Cambridge Main Suite of English Examinations”.

Language of instruction:

The language of instruction for this program is English. 

Graduates from the joint TUM-NTU Master of Science in Integrated Circuit Design program are technically skilled and knowledgeable on in-depth knowledge in Integrated Circuit Design, with a focus on both the architectural concepts for integrated circuits and the design methodology and automation of circuits.

Graduates can choose to enter the industry to work in IC Design Engineer roles or in research where they continue as Research Associates/Doctoral Candidate (for PhD).

Graduates typically obtain employment in countries like Singapore, Germany and India, with others opting to return to their home countries to work.

Bewerbung und Zulassung


  • Applicants meeting the admission requirement submit their Online Application via and then send TUM Asia their hardcopy documents, together with the application fee. TUM Asia will release the result via email to the student.


  • In order to be eligible for the program, you must have at least a Bachelor Degree** (completed in at least three years, depending on factors such as the rest of your education background) in Electrical/ Electronics Engineering or in a closely related discipline with remarkable results.
  • **Academic requirements may differ for different countries of study. Please write to us at admission(at) to verify your requirements.


  • As the Master of Science program’s instruction medium is English, the applicant must be able to demonstrate a satisfactory level of proficiency in the English language. Applicant whose native tongue or medium of instruction from previous studies (Bachelor / FH Diploma) is not English must submit at least one of the following:
  • TOEFL ( Recent score with a Minimum 100 for the Internet-Based Test (TOEFL code: 7368)
  • IELTS ( With academic IELTS result of at least 6.5

SPECIAL CRITERIA (China, Vietnam & Mongolia)

  • Additionally, an Akademische Prüfstelle (APS) certificate is required for applicants with education qualifications from China, Vietnam or Mongolia. The APS certificate is compulsory if your Bachelor studies was completed in a Chinese, Vietnamese or Mongolian university, irregardless of nationality. For example, a Singapore citizen who completed his entire undergraduate studies in a Chinese university, and holds a Chinese degree, must sit for the APS test and pass it in order to qualify for admissions to a German university. If you are making any application to a German university (including the TUM degrees at TUM Asia), the APS certificate is required for all education qualifications from China, Vietnam or Mongolia.

For more information, please click here.

    For more information on the application procedure and required documents, please visit TUM Asia.

    Applications open 1 October every year.

    For more information on the application procedure and required documents, please visit TUM Asia.

    The online application takes place through the TUM Asia online application portal.

    The 2 months internship and 6 months master thesis may be undertaken either at NTU, TUM or in a company in Singapore/Germany.

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