29 Nov 2023

Exchange with experts

"Learning from Leaders": Quantum technologies

  • Wednesday, 11/29/2023
  • 18:30 - 20:00 o'clock

Event location
Munich (main campus)

Target audience
specialist audience

Take part in the "Learning from Leaders" event at the Vorhölzer Forum: with a panel discussion on quantum technologies and the speakers Dr. Alexander Glätzle and Dr. Judith Gabel. Gain insights into the fascinating day-to-day work with quantum technologies and network with the TUM community for lifelong learning.

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About "Learning from Leaders"

How do you deal with disruptive technologies? How do you set up a company, with all the uncertainties that entails? At the free "Learning from Leaders" event, you will have the opportunity to meet leading managers and scientists working on transformative technologies, ask questions and make contacts in an informal setting.

  • Dr. Alexander Glätzle is CEO and co-founder of the award-winning start-up planqc. Quantum technologies are an everyday business for planqc - the start-up develops and builds quantum computers.
  • Dr. Judith Gabel is an experimental physicist at the Chair of Theoretical Solid State Physics, LMU, and part of the LMU-TUM joint project QL3 - Quantum LifeLong Learning.
How to find us
  • Location: Vorhölzer Forum, Room 5166, Main Building 0501, Munich (main campus); site plan