Our Research Goals

Whether we are investigating the origins of life, matter and the universe or looking for solutions to the major challenges for our society, people lie at the heart of our research and innovation agenda.

As a wide-ranging reform concept, “human-centered engineering” aims to integrate TUM’s excellence in science and engineering into the mindset of the modern world.

Understanding the essential foundations of life

Where do we come from? What is the world made from? What constitutes a living thing? To answer these questions, we use cutting-edge equipment and scientific methods to study the universe and the structure of matter. We also investigate the fundamental mechanisms of life – from the Big Bang to the emergence of the first molecules through to cells and complete organisms.

Foundations of life

Maintaining health and targeting diseases

What technologies can we use to make faster and more reliable medical diagnoses? How will we treat diseases like cancer and multiple sclerosis in the future? How can we protect ourselves and fight against viruses? In our efforts to answer these questions, we link the study of medicine with the natural sciences, life sciences, engineering and informatics. This generates enormous potential in the fields of biomedical engineering and digital medicine, enabling us to meet the needs of a modern healthcare system with the latest technological resources.

Medicine and health


Shaping a sustainable living environment

We combine all our expertise in the fields of the environment, climate, energy, food and resources to slow down climate change, minimize its impact and create sustainable places to live and work. We create new technologies to protect our air, water and soil, and to safeguard natural ecosystems for future generations. We develop strategies and new approaches for sustainable agriculture and food production, and investigate ways to mitigate the consequences of climate change and species loss. At the same time, we are actively helping to shape the energy, mobility and urban development solutions of the future.

Sustainable living environment

Creating new materials and advanced manufacturing technologies

From high-precision quantum sensors and high-speed computers to smart materials for coating medical implants and new systems for storing energy, we develop innovative materials in numerous projects for a wide range of applications – from the atomic level to the macroscopic. We establish digital manufacturing technologies and future-oriented process engineering to create function-optimized components and materials for key industries, including the automotive and aerospace industries, building and construction, medical and health technologies, and chemistry and catalysis.

Materials and manufacturing technologies


Pioneering the digital transformation for a secure future

We develop secure digital technologies that make our everyday and working lives easier and make us safer. Our goal is to find solutions to the questions of the digital transformation and drive that change forward. How can we teach robots to respond to their environment without ever posing a threat? How can manufacturing become fully automated whilst remaining safe and reliable? How do we ensure that sensitive data, such as medical data, does not fall into the wrong hands? And how can we predict when an area is at risk from a tsunami?

Digitalization and AI


Responsible research and innovation in service of society

We shape technological progress to serve people and society. That is why we are pushing forward with human-centered engineering, in which we combine our traditional strengths in the natural sciences and engineering with the humanities, social sciences and economics. From care robots and autonomous vehicles to blockchain technologies, our researchers are exploring innovations at the interfaces between technology, economics, politics, society and the environment.

Technology and society

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